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June 16th: Holy Blessing of Shin Deuk Nim and Angelica Parrocho

10 am at CP. After Blessing is Sunday service followed by lunch, then Korean traditional ceremonies and games

July 15th: Presidential prayer condition begins

October 12,13 Rod of Iron Freedom Festival

October 14th: Holy Blessing at True Parents Memorial in PA

King Bullethead

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The Advent

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Welcome to
World Peace and Unification Sanctuary

Experience the freedom that comes through a relationship with Christ. We believe that strong families, personal accountability and living for the sake of others are the building blocks of the Kingdom of God.

Take advantage of our online resources and be sure to check out recent news & events below. We hope to see you soon!

Grand Sanctuary

The Grand Sanctuary will be the central meeting place of the Sanctuary family as well as prepared patriots to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

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Sunday Divine Principle Lectures

For new people who want to hear!

9:30 am Cheongpyung TN - Shin Joon Moon

9:30 am Newfoundland PA - Lowell Ellison 


Welcome to the website of the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, also known as the Sanctuary Church of Newfoundland, PA and Thorn Hill, TN as well as church gatherings all over the world tuning into the live streams on Rumble.

Our pastor, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, and his wife Rev. Yeon Ah Lee Moon, are the appointed heir/successor couple carrying on the providential work of his father, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, whose encounter with Jesus at age 15 led to his six-decade worldwide ministry to fulfill Christ's mission, based on the Bible and the Divine Principle.

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Recent Sermons & Speeches

Reckless Love of God

June 2, 2024
Rev. Hyung Jin Sean Moon
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Fishers of Men

May 26, 2024
Rev. Hyung Jin Sean Moon
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Contemplative Prayer Training

May 26, 2024
Rev. Hyung Jin Sean Moon
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Latest News

Testimony to True Mother

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Wonjeon Site with 12x18 granite headstone

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Three Cornerstones of the Kingdom

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The Tragic Betrayal of Hak Ja Han

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Inaugural TN Rod of Iron Freedom Festival Speech

Speech by Pastor Hyung Jin Sean Moon at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival in Morristown, TN.

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"DP NOT What Hak Ja Han Wants Us to Teach!"

Highlights of a presentation given by guest speaker Alan Saunders at the Triangle Family Church in Durham, NC on March 3, 2024:

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