The Blessing

“Due to the Fall God’s Blood lineage was lost to the dominion of Satan. Mankind must be restored unto God the Father and Christ the Son of God. The Messiah is the Bridegroom and must meet His Bride. A Blessed Couple is in the position of the Bride that has been wed to Christ. Specifically the wife stands in the position of fallen woman or Eve and the husband in the position of fallen Archangel. Christ stands in the position of perfect Man and perfect Adam.

Through the 3-day ceremony the wife is reborn in Christ as the restored Bride of Christ and is bestowed to the husband as a princess in the Kingdom of God. The husband is reborn in Christ as the Son of God and the prince in the Kingdom of Heaven. After the Completion of these Holy consecrations the husband and wife will stand as prince and princess of God’s Kingdom to glorify and honor him forever.”

-Rev. Hyung Jin Moon April 21, 2015

Returning to True Father's Authority Blessing Ceremony - April 21, 2015 - Rev. Hyung Jin Moon - Sanctuary Church Newfoundland PA from Unification Sanctuary on Vimeo.

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