2nd Letter to Michael Mickler

A Response to “Mainstream Unificationism” by Michael Mickler

Dear Michael,

Your deceitful veneer of objectivity may fool others, but it does not fool me.Mainstream Unificationism always has been, and always will be, determined by the man who created it, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The core message of Unificationism is that the invisible God was able to establish His physical as well as His spiritual lineage on the earth through the person of Reverend Moon.

In my last letter to you, sent on January 26, 2016, I explained in detail how Hak Ja Han, the woman who once held the position of True Mother, abandoned her role and totally betrayed her bridegroom.You and your colleagues have chosen to ignore the damning evidence I presented and continue to cling to your false illusions. Please refer back to my letter available in “Recent Commentary” on sanctuary-pa.org.

Mike, I’ll be honest. What gets me so angry is that you, Andy, and Tyler have all placed yourself above Father and act as if you know better than he. But you don’t. The sine qua non of mainstream Unificationism is that Christ bears the lineage of God. That’s why Jesus had to come again, to plant his physical seed on earth so that he would always be with us in body as well as spirit.

Hyung Jin Moon is the thrice anointed successor of True Parents. He is both the physical and spiritual lineage of God on earth. Had Hak Ja Han remained obedient to True Father and placed the crown on Hyung Jin nim’s head on Foundation Day 2013, she would have successfully fulfilled her mission. But she didn’t.

Do you remember, Father told us he never came to build a church? Just like Jesus, he came to usher in the Kingdom.The Kingdom will never be an institution, organization or building.

The Kingdom starts and ends with the King.

The King of Kings, our eternal True Father, remains forever on earth through the lineage of the second King, Hyung Jin Moon, and through his Word, the 8 Great Textbooks.

Please wake up and repent to the King while there’s still time.


Kerry Williams