A SATANIC ACT that Destroys the Ideal of True Parents!

The following statement was written by Rev. Young Hwi Kim, one of the 36 Blessed Couples, on June 25, 2022. He comments on the content of a lecture tour by Kim Jin-Chun for Family Fed members in five major regions of Korea from March 21 to April 7 as directed in the Han Mother’s “special order.” The video is of Kim Jin-Chun lecturing at the Jeonju Church on March 22. For context of the below statement, the above video was presented to select Family Fed leaders.

Rev. Young Whi Kim’s June 25, 2022 Statement
I heard that a man named Kim Jin-chun gave a lecture tour in five major regions from March 21 to April 7, 2022, at the special order of Mother Han. The participants included a pastor and his wife, public officials working for an institution, and former pastor members. The lecture was not open to the general church membership. Fortunately, I was able to catch a glimpse of the lecture that was given at Jeonju Church on March 22nd through a YouTube video. The video was taken down a few days later, but I am sure it is still there somewhere.

On April 17, ten days after the lecture tour, about 500 representatives from all over the world and leaders of domestic Korean Church Leaders who participated in the "10th Year of Heaven and Earth Leaders' Meeting," canceled all other scheduled events under Mother's special instructions and went to the "All-Night Seminar" for two days from April 19 to attend KimJin-chun's special lecture and receive education.

The theme of his education and prayer was "to take away the shameful tail attached to Father and free Father," and "to reveal the truth of Only Begotten Daughter and to explain the phase and value of the Immaculate Conception’s “Only Begotten Daughter.”

The content of Kim's lecture, which was closed to the public, was probably based on his lecture given during his tour of the five major regions but was probably more verbose than the original. Fortunately, however, the lecture is available to the public in the form of a 15-minute, firsthand account of what he intended to say in his lecture.

What was shocking was that Kim Jin-chun remained consistent throughout his presentation in his efforts to represent and convey Han mother's intentions. There is no reason for me to go so far as to mention all the unprincipled, anti-Providential ramblings that he confessed in his personal confession of faith. When I heard and saw the recording, I could not suppress the harsh voice of True Father crying out inside me, which led me to write this statement.

Of course, before I wrote this, I was told that on June 16th , Mission Director Yoon Young-Ho of the World Headquarters and Secretary General Chung Won-Joo of the President'sOffice invited members of the 36 families to have lunch together, at which timeI expressed my opposition in a clear and decisive tone against the anti-providential, anti-principle content of Kim Jin-Chun's lectures and made a big deal out of such lectures by the church. I was very concerned about the serious after-effects this would have on the church.

In the content of Kim Jin-chun's lecture, none of the references to True Parents are consistent with the principles and teachings revealed by True Father, and the content is a distortion and manipulation of facts and truth. I do not feel it worthwhile to refute all of them, but I will mention only three or four that are the most serious distortions. Please note that the quoted text is from Kim Jin-chun's lecture, and the text in parentheses is my interpretation.

Kim Jin-choon: "It is really a pity that the position of the Father, who inherited the mission of the Second Coming Messiah, has to proceed according to the principle when the Mother sees it. Therefore, it is not the position of the Father to decide on the bride at the time of the 1960 Holy Matrimony in such a tail-wagging position."

(Young Hwi Kim : Kim Jin-choon is saying that Father, whom Jesus established as His successor, but not the Father whom God indemnified as the Second Coming Messiah, did not go in a way that suited the principle. Such an unprincipled “tail-wearing” Father was not qualified to choose and decide on the bride at the 1960 Holy Matrimony.)

Kim Jin Chun: "Until now we have thought that Father would choose a girl from among fallen women and that the Second Coming Lord would educate the mother and re-create her for seven years. But when you look at what I have just said, you will realize that this is not true."

Young Hwi Kim: (This is an “open mouth” remark, following the reference in the paragraph above. So, although Father was “not qualified” to choose a 17-year-old woman named Han Hak-ja as the bride of the Second Coming Messiah in 1960, the historical fact is that the Holy Wedding Ceremony was held in that way. He also professes that the history of the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity, which proclaimed God’s Day on January 1, 1968, after a seven-year course of consummating Eve, or the Bride, after the Holy Marriage, was completely nonsense and invalid.)

How do you take the fact that such a lecture was officially enforced as an education at the World Leaders' Assembly? It is a tragic and disastrous act, as if they were trying to support Mother while denigrating and slandering Father but at same time kicking in an own-goal to ruin Mother's existence. In a word, this must be a satanic act that destroys the ideal of True Parents. At this point, I cannot confirm if this is the will of the Mother as stated by Kim Jin chun, but since it came from his mouth, he will surely be held accountable for his words.

Receiving the will of God who has been proceeding with the creation-fall-restoration providence according to the Principle, True Father, Sun Myung Moon, the Second Coming of Messiah and the Bridegroom, has gone beyond and clarified the cross of indemnity for the salvation of mankind, which is unspeakable and tragic, and has been living in the history of providence! We, the 36 Blessed Families, who have participated in this providence since its pioneering period and are living witnesses who have seen and heard the truth, will never tolerate such actions that seek to annihilate True Parents' Holy Matrimony. I will only mention a few words about such unprincipled anti-providential rebellion, without daring to quote from the Principle, the Word, and the Bible again.

Following the fall of Eve, who created a reciprocal relationship to the unprincipled love with Archangel Lucifer, and after the fall of Adam by a temptation of fallen Eve, when human beings were subjected to Satan's unprincipled dominion, God proceeded with a salvation providence, or restoration providence. The restoration providence is a re-creation providence to separate from Satan and bring Satan to his knees. The re-creation is developed as a restoration through paying indemnity conditions based on the order and principles of the Creation.In other words, it is the process of re-creating Adam and Eve, the first ancestors of mankind who had fallen and had original sin, as the original human beings before the Fall. The Bible records that when God created human beings,He first created the male subject, Adam, then established him as the head of all things and gave them a name (Gen. 2:19), and then took a rib from his body and created Eve to be an object to help Adam.

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, who were in such a fundamental relationship of the Principle ofCreation, God first developed the process of establishing the perfect man, Adam, without original sin through the bloodline restoration providence that restored(re-created) Adam. Then, after the 4,000-year Providence of restoration, Jesus came as the Messiah. Jesus (Adam) was to restore (re-create) Eve (the Bride -the spouse) and establish the position of True Parents. Eve, the spouse ofJesus, would be qualified as the Bride whom Jesus could choose from among the women of his time, as long as she had absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to Jesus and could become one with him. This is the qualification and condition for being the Bride of the Messiah!

The story of an “only begotten daughter” born without original sin through the providence of the restoration of the lineage, like Jesus, is an unprincipled misconception that is found in neither the Principle of Creation nor the Principle of Restoration.Therefore, there is no mention anywhere in the Bible of the coming of an “only begotten daughter.”

Since Eve was corrupted by the unprincipled false love of the archangel, she will be cleansed of her original sin and restored as a bride recreated at the top of the growth stage when she comes into the position to receive the true love of the perfected Adam-Messiah in principle. After the Holy Matrimony, the bride will be united in absolute obedience, absolute love, and absolute faith toward Jesus and will go through the perfection period and eventually regain the position ofTrue Mother. This is the framework of God's history of providence through the Principle of Creation, the Fall, and the Principle of Restoration as revealed by True Father. Kim Jin-chun is destroying this principle.

In order to accomplish this, the Second Coming Bridegroom and Lord will choose the bride and re-create her according to the same formula and principles of the providence of restoration as Jesus did, and establish the position of True Parents. Therefore, the Second Coming Lord is in charge of searching for and re-creating the Bride from among the women of His time, and there are no qualifications or conditions for the women in the position of the Bride to do so. For this reason, when True Parents chose the bride at the time of the HolyMarriage, there was a procedure for the candidates to confirm and pledge their absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to the Second ComingLord, True Father, to the very end, no matter what difficulties may come their way.

There is an abundance of True Father's words on this subject, but I will quote just one.

"What kind of Jesus, then, is born this way? God created the heavens and the earth in six days. For five days He created all things, and on the sixth day He createdAdam. This Adam-like person is Jesus. Thus, Jesus is the second Adam, or the later Adam. He is the true Adam who has not fallen. Since God created Adam in the beginning and Eve centering on that Adam, He should have established the later Eve centering on this later Adam, but He did not. Who should establishEve? Adam must establish. When Eve falls, Adam must seek out and establish theEve he lost because he failed to fulfill his responsibility. The principle of paying indemnity is unforgiving. That is why it was vaguely said, "I am the Bridegroom and you are the Bride.” “God has dressed the whole world as a bride throughout the 4,000 years of history. Therefore, it wasJesus' mission to choose a mother in the history of the universe and welcome her as the Bride, thereby restoring a new family, a new tribe, a new nation, anew country, and a new world centering on this father and mother, and to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The Selected Words of Jesus, Vol. 17, pp. 190-191, "Complete Restoration," December 18,1966, Former Headquarter Church

What is the aforementioned lecture by Kim Jin-chun if not a wicked theory that denies the above quotation from Father's word "Complete Restoration" and tries to destroy the True Parents without any basis or root?

Kim Jin-chun: "The most important thing that Jesus was trying to do was to meet with the only begotten daughter, because the most important thing that Jesus could not do was to meet with the only begotten daughter and have the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. but if you look at it from that dimension, the essence of the only begotten daughter, the essential role and ideal of the Mother and its value, I really wish Father had done a little better back then, and I am a little disappointed about that. I wish the father had been a little better at that time."

Young Hwi Kim: (KimJin-chun's paragraph is a long-winded way of saying something that doesn't quite fit together. However, if you listen to his entire lecture, you will realize that Father was born with original sin and had to visit Bride HanHak-jya who came as an only begotten daughter without original sin, to make amends for all his wrongs, and that he was not allowed to marry other women before his holy marriage, but because he neglected to do so, he went up to North Korea and was sentenced to Heungnam Prison as a punishment for his prodigality. He is spouting out a story that makes one choke with astonishment.It is hard to believe that such a distortion of providential facts and truth could be used to educate the leaders of the world, but it is true.)

I would like to mention here the fictitious nature of the so-called "only begotten daughter"especially Kim Jin-chun's "Only Begotten Daughter" theory of her first coming without original sin. In the Bible, Jesus is described as the only begotten Son only once in John 3:16. There is no mention of an only-begotten daughter. In the case of Jesus, the only-begotten Son, it means "God's only begotten son, born as Adam, the original sinless creature. The reason there is no mention of an only begotten daughter in the Bible is because there is no (need for) the only begotten daughter, born as Eve without original sin, who is to become a mate, spouse of the only begotten Son, Jesus.

However, when theSecond Coming of the Lord, the Bridegroom, comes, this person, like Jesus, will become God's only begotten Son who has paid for original sin. Therefore, whenHe returns and receives Eve as His bride, His chosen Eve will be cleansed of her original sin, and she will be positioned as the bride in the position of only begotten daughter, and she will be positioned as the wife of the SecondComing Lord, and as the True Mother of humankind, she will become a couple with the Second Coming Messiah and become the True Parents of humankind. Therefore, the only begotten daughter who has been cleansed of her original sin by theSecond Coming of the Lord can be used as a relative concept of the spouse of the Second Coming of the Lord.

Therefore, around the time of True Parents' Holy Matrimony, the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, True Father made several references to the appearance of an only begotten daughter, but he never meant the "begotten daughter who is born without original sin.”

Nevertheless, KimJin-chun suddenly pulls out the concept of the first-born daughter of the third generation, which has no biblical, providential, or principled basis, and applies it to her, and says such bizarre things as the “Immaculate Conception, and the first coming of the Goddess of Mercy.” What is this if not the detonator to destroy the Principle and blow up True Parents? We cannot just keep looking at such actions, but we must protect the Principle, the Word, andTrue Parents.

Kim Jin-chun: “I heard how it would fit the principle that Father, who is in the position of the Second Coming and who has a tail, would be honored by Mother, who is in the position of the Bride, who has completed her individuality and the First Coming without a tail. In principle, from the heavenly perspective, why should the mother offer such reverence to the Father for about 40-50 years when the mother was such a bride who had completed her individuality at her first coming, without Satan's conditions? No matter how many times she wanted to talk about it, she could not. This is a very internal story now.”

(Young Hwi Kim: This paragraph by Kim Jin-Chun is also appalling. Beyond his outburst about Father, it is an act of blasphemy and insult to Father, and an act that will divide the couple to the extreme. It is a satanic act to divide the two and tear True Parents to pieces. Is this the filial piety to liberate Father? On the one hand, she has been humiliating and downgrading Father by summoning him to the priesthood and putting a dirty coat of paint on his lofty phase and image of a stern saint, while on the other hand, she has been claiming that all the fulfillments of Providence were possible not because of Father with his tail but because Mother completed her personality as a perfect Snow White. He has a long and loud speech on the theory of the Immaculate Conception, which has no root and no basis. How is this possible? If the father is downgraded, will the mother be elevated and perfected at the height of her power? I will not mention this paragraph any further...)

Kim Jin-chun: “We have to create one big family of mankind, and we have to quickly sort out the tails of True Parents, the tails that are not good, and the tails that Satan repents for. Especially, we must do it before the completion of Cheon Il Sung Daeon next year. She included such a story in her speech. Because of such a content, the content of the Father's Song Hwa before Foundation Day also has such a deep meaning. Heavenly Parent is the principle, and truly, there should be no conditions accused by Satan in front of Heavenly Parent. We must also understand the Heavenly Parent's standard for this Song Hwa. Such is the content.”  

Young Hwi Kim: Furthermore, as shown in the above quotation, Father was wearing a “bad tail” that Satan accuses for this and that mistake, and he was not qualified to celebrate the Foundation Day on earth, so he even told the miserable “lie” that he was sanctified before Foundation Day. Can you imagine that such an evaluation of the Father's life and such a voice of contempt, almost like a curse, could come from among us? This is clearly the whispering of the devil that has entered our midst, and we have no choice but to say that it is a rebellion against God's Kingdom.

There are many other things that need to be pointed out and mentioned, but I would like to end this statement here. The person who praises and encourages such falsehoods and distortions as true and uses the name of Mother as a shield for his miscellaneous theories, is the president of the Heavenly Court of the first heavenly nation. How can a person who leads the way in destroying True Parents' ideals by being unprincipled and anti-Providence be the president of the Heavenly Court? Who would allow it?

I have heard that there are people around him who are plotting together with him, but I ask them not to leave the path of correct Principle and Providence. What and how is True Father preparing to do as he sees this situation in our church? Remember that there will be a day when the work of Father's Divine Spirit will blow like a typhoon. I ask you again to be mindful of the coming of the era of the Holy Spirit Federation of the world Association led by Father, and I wish you all good health and good fortune.

Kim Young Hwi 2022.06.25.