Dear Mother Han

Dear Mother Han,

is it true that you cannot fully agree with True Father's Divine Principle?

is it true, that you erased certain sentences from True Father's speeches?

is it true that you took away Hyung Jin Nim's and Yeonah Nim's responsibilities as second King and Queen?

One sister from the Sanctuary Church sent me an email.

I had a deep prayer recently after I had made one room in the cellar as a prayer room in our house

First, God told me that all of His children were dead including my wife and two sons. (many tears)

Next, I received from God that True Father's heart is incredibly painful about what you have done to him. (many, many tears)

The Divine Principle is True Father's masterpiece. Reverend Eu, Rev. Young Hwi Kim and others are strong followers of these.

I myself attended the special 40 day WS by Rev. Ahn.

Please let me know till the 21/12/2021  if you want to stick to your own understanding of the Divine Principle or repent and restore it to its original form.

Also, I prayed about the new True Mother Hyun Shil Kang. I can accept her whole-heartedly. (many, many, many tears)

Dearest Mother Han, if you step down and accept her, God and all mankind will love you extraordinarily and World Peace will come.

I love you very, very much. God, in a sense is very cruel. He does not accept any error in creating a perfect image and likeness of Him.

My family is broken too, therefore, I have nothing to lose. My wife is only one year younger than you. I am sure you will be the greatest Woman who has ever lived on the earth. Please let your youngest son take over. I will put myself under his leadership and I will ask for the new Holy Wine from them, because the CIG-Holy wine we received together is bad – yes, I felt it, but I took it anyway, without any understanding.

I don't want to be a blind follower of you or of anyone.

Sincerely Yours,

HJR (Hans Joerg Ruwwe)

Magdeburg, Germany