Hak Ja Han’s beliefs as revealed under OATH

Link to March 25, 2019, Deposition testimony.

Link to March 26, 2019, testimony.

These points are revealed in her deposition under oath in the Family Federation lawsuit against Sanctuary Church regarding the Tongil mark (12 gates symbol).

1. She has always had more authority in the church than True Father.

 This is the most shocking of her statements to me, being in the church almost 49 years. She states that she has always had more authority than True Father and that he should never have done anything without her approval.

Even though she was there four times when True Father crowned Hyung Jin Sean Moon as his successor, she claims she never approved, so therefore the coronation is not valid. (Page 126, Lines 10-21, Page 127, Lines 5-15)

2. There is no successor.

(1.) Even though Rev. Moon spoke for years about God wanting to create love, life, and lineage, and (2.) even though the Principle of Creation asserts God wanted to create His Lineage on earth, and even though (3.) Rev. Moon crowned Sean Moon as his successor on at least four occasions, still Hak Ja Han testifies under oath numerous times that there is “no successor.” (Page 130, Line 25 and Page 131, Lines 1-13. Page 139, Lines 6-11. Page 149, Lines 20-25 and Page 150, Lines 1-10)

She states in several parts of her testimony that there are no successors to True Parents, and Sean is not a successor to Rev. Moon. (Page 114, Lines 7-15)

3. She and Jesus are the True Parents.

She identifies “True Parents” as the Only Begotten Daughter (herself) and the Only Begotten Son (Jesus). She leaves out True Father, Sun Myung Moon. (Page 17, Lines 10-20)

4. She is the sinless Only Begotten Daughter/Messiah.

She names herself the Only Begotten Daughter, the counterpart to the Only Begotten Son, Jesus. (Page 19, Line 25 and Page 20, Lines 1-3)

5. She was co-founder of the HSAUWC.

She claims the Unification Church was founded in 1960 by True Parents, as opposed to the establishment date of 1954 by True Father and his followers (when she was 11 years old). (Page 22, Lines 17-23. Page 23, Lines 12-17)

She says Sun Myung Moon may have started the Unification Church and was leading it prior to 1960 and he continued to do so until his death. However, the Unification Church did not really have “Founders” until she came. (Page 38, Lines 10-23. Page 39, Lines 5-25, Page 40, Line 1)

She first met True Father when she was about 11 years old. And she acknowledges that True Father was in control of the church. (Page 35, Lines 17-25 and Page 36, Lines 1-13. Page 40, Lines 2-17)

6. True Father had Original Sin which she removed.

She states that Sun Myung Moon was born with Original Sin which needed to be removed. He could not have become the True Parent on his own. He had to meet her. When Sun Myung Moon met Jesus at 16, he was given a path of suffering and indemnity to qualify as the only begotten son so he could meet Hak Ja Han. After meeting her, Rev. Moon could ascend to the position of Only Begotten Son. (Page 98, Lines 21-25, Page 99, Lines 19. Page 100, Lines 22-25. Page 101, Lines 11-21, Page 102, Llines 1-8)

7. True Father could only marry her to succeed in his mission.

Sun Myung Moon could only gain the position of the Only Begotten Son and True Parent by marrying her in 1960. (Page 19, Lines 4-23)

8. Sun Myung Moon could not fulfill his mission if he had married anyone else but Hak Ja Han. Restoration could only come through her. (Page 49, Lines 15-25)

9. She believes she was born knowing the Divine Principle. She knew it from birth and did not have to go through a learning and growth period. She did not have to make any effort or sacrifice to gain this knowledge. Her course is contrary to Jesus and True Father’s courses (and the Principle of Growth in Divine Principle). She says True Father had to suffer a great deal in order to meet her. She says he never educated her. (Page 105, Lines 9-25, Page 106, Lines 1-25, Page 107, Lines 1-2) True Father’s mission was to find the word and write it down so he could qualify to meet her. (Page 109, Lines 11-22)

10. She states under oath that True Father did not complete his mission on earth. (Page 109, Lines 9-14)

11. She is equal to Sun Myung Moon “in every respect.” (But she actually thinks she has higher authority than he does as seen elsewhere in her testimony.) (Page 113, Lines 10-13)

12. True Father crowning Hyung Jin Nim was not a true crowning. Even though True Father publicly crowned Sean Moon as his heir and representative while she was standing right next to him, she denies that is what he was doing. It was not really what Rev. Moon was proclaiming it was. She claims True Father’s proclamation was not valid because it did not have her signature. (Page 115, Lines 1-25, Page 116, Line 1 and then Line 25, Page 117, Lines 1-2. Page 118, Lines 3-8)

13. Her opinion of Hyung Jin Moon was that he was “not adequate” (“immature”) and he needed to “grow and learn.” True Father had said that Sean Moon had the greatest faith of any Unificationist. He had also said that it didn’t matter whether he appointed a handicapped child, that person would still be the heir and successor. It was totally his decision. That also discounts that True Father had placed Hyung Jin Nim in charge of every department in the Korean and International Churches. (Page 59, Lines 3-25, Page 60, Lines 1-9)

14. There cannot be a successor to True Father. She says that he didn’t really appoint Hyung Jin Nim as his successor because she was not in agreement. (Page 64, Lines 7-25, Page 65, Lines 1-6)

She says even though True Father publicly appointed his successor, he cannot do that. The members of the church somehow have to agree. And besides, none of her sons qualify. (Page 121, Lines 3-20)

Even though True Father testified to Sean Moon’s faith, Hak Ja Han says he didn’t really mean it. She refused to honor it. (Page 22, Lines 11-23. Page 123, Lines 13-23)

15. The Mother has more authority than the Father. True Father cannot decide his successor by himself without her consent. “The Mother has more authority.” (Page 126, Lines 10-21. Page 127, Lines 7-15)

Conclusions: Don’t believe me. Believe Hak Ja Han’s own testimony under oath as to what she believes.

By her own words Hak Ja Han has betrayed her husband, the Returning Jesus, and claimed for herself the Second Coming title and authority as well as all the worldly treasure.

If you truly love her, you need to repudiate her so she can repent and come back to God during her physical lifetime. Those continuing to follow her bear responsibility for enabling her and will inevitably join her in her fate.

Take the time to do the research yourself and sincerely ask God about it. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Read her complete Deposition (linked below). It’s all there in black and white.

Download PDF PART 1: Hak Ja Han’s beliefs as revealed under OATH

Download PDF PART 2: Hak Ja Han’s beliefs as revealed under Oath. (Same as PART 1, but includes the exact quotes from Hak Ja Han instead of page references in the Deposition.)