Hak Ja Han’s NEW/ANCIENT Principle of Creation

Hak Ja Han’s NEW/ANCIENT Principle of Creation

On 5/18/23, after going around Cheong pyeong Lake with about 70 important executives on a cruise ship, here is what Hak Ja Han said at a luncheon at the Cheon Jeong Won restaurant after giving different directions: 

“Another thing to emphasize is that, it is important to look for and raise up the second and third generations. We need to educate them on the essence of the Creator, the Heavenly Parents, and what the mission of TrueParents is. From now on, what you must educate is the Principle of Creation, but not the Principle of Creation as explained in the Divine Principle.

The essence of the Creator is the Heavenly Parents. The source of life is born through the mother. [You are born] 99.999% from the mother and 0.001% from male. It is the same with the Heavenly Parents.Until now, He has been introduced as the Heavenly Father.

In the Exposition of the Divine Principle, He is the neutralized subject of the dual characteristics. This is wrong. We have to fix that. We must teach what is the Principle of Creation, what is the mission of True Parents, and what is the responsibility of True Parents. In the future, education should be centered on the Word in the Cheon Il Guk era rather than in the Old Testament era, the New Testament era the Completed Testament era. Do you understand?

The age has come when we live with our Heavenly Parents. Should you ignore that? In that sense, seniors and those in charge should under go retraining. That's why we can say that the providence of Cheon Shim Won is important. It has become the root of faith. You have to experience yourself, the unshakable roots of faith. Do you understand? You are going to do that, aren't you?” - Han Hak Ja, May 18, 2023

유람선 크루즈관광선에 주요간부들 70명 정도를 태우고 한바퀴 돌고 난 뒤 천정원 식당 오찬 자리에서 이런 저런 지시를 한 후 나온 결론적인 말 !

« 또 한 가지 강조해야 될 것은 2세 3세를 찾아 세우는 것 중요해. 창조주 하늘 부모님의 본질 참부모의 사명이 무엇인가를 교육해야 해. 앞으로 너희들이 교육해야 될 것은 창조원리가 되는데 원리강론에서 설명하는 창조원리는 아니야.

창조주의 본질은 하늘 부모님이야. 생명의 원천은 어머님을 통해서 탄생이돼. 남성은 0.001% 어머니는 99.999% 하늘 부모님도 마찬가지야. 지금까지는 하늘 아버지로 소개되어 있어.

원리강론에는 이성 성상의 중화적 주체야. 이것 아니야. 그것 바로잡아야 해. 창조의 원칙 참부모의 사명 참부모의 책임이 무엇인가를 가르쳐야 해. 앞으로는 구약시대 신약시대 성약시대보다 천일국 시대에 말씀을 중심 삼고 교육해야 된다. 알겠나! 하늘 부모님을 모시고 사는 시대가 되었는데 그것 몰라서 되나. 그런 뜻에서 선배들 책임자들 재교육을 받아야 해. 그렇기 때문에 천심원섭리가 중요하다 할 수가 있어.

신앙의 뿌리가 되는 거야. 흔들리지 않는 신앙의 뿌리 자기가 스스로 체험해야 해 알겠어요. 그렇게 할 거지요! »    2023.05.18 아침부터 청평호수에서


In this brief statement to 70 top leaders, Hak Ja Han calls for radical changes toUnification teachings. In the 4th paragraph, Hak Ja Han critiques the Divine Principle’s teaching that God is the (harmonized) “neutralized subject of dual characteristics” referring in this context to God having equalized masculine and feminine qualities. She asserts, “this is wrong. We have to fix that.”

Since Genesis declares that we are made in the image of God, it is natural to ask what is wrong with the teaching that God is the harmonized/neutralized subject of dual characteristics? In the 3rd paragraph, she states that babies are born from their mothers, with 99.999% coming from their mothers and .001% from their fathers. She then makes the fascinating claim that “it is the same with the Heavenly Parents,” apparently meaning that God’s nature is predominantly (99.999%) female?

She instructs, “in the future, education should be centered on the Word in the Cheon Il Guk era,” meaning the words of Hak Ja Han, “rather than in the Old Testament era (Hebrew Bible), the New Testament era (Jesus and apostles including St. Paul), the Completed Testament era (Sun Myung Moon).”

She concludes by saying that “seniors and those in charge should under go retraining” because “the providence of Cheon Shim Won (initiated by Hak JaHan) is important. It has become the root of faith.” To paraphrase, seniors and leaders need to undergo retraining because they have believed the words of TrueFather Sun Myung Moon, but instead they need to believe the new root, the words coming from her.

This talk to elite Family Fed leaders by Hak Ja Han aligns with assertions she made in her March 25-26, 2019 legal deposition where she stated under oath that any decisions made by Sun Myung Moon not approved by her were invalid. It also aligns with a workshop toFFWPU leaders last year by Rev. Myung dae Kim (Vice President of the RetiredPastors Association) where he stated that 90% of what True Father Sun Myung Moon taught was false. https://www.sanctuary-pa.org/apologetics/declaration-of-faith It also aligns with talks given byKim Jin-chun in five major regions of Korea from March 21 to April 7 and again on April 17, 2022 at the Han Mother’s direction to 500 Family Fed representatives from all over the world. These talks by Kim Jin-chun were denounced by 36 couple elder Rev. Young Hwi Kim on June 25, 2022, in which he cried out that the talk by Kim Jin-Chun:
is a satanic act to divide the two and tear True Parents to pieces. Is this the filial piety to liberate Father? On the one hand, she has been humiliating and downgrading Father by summoning him to the priesthood and putting a dirty coat of paint on his lofty phase and image of a stern saint, while on the other hand, she has been claiming that all the fulfillments of Providence were possible not because of Father with his tail but because Mother completed her personality as a perfect Snow White. He has a long and loud speech on the theory of the Immaculate Conception (of the Only Begotten Daughter), which has no root and no basis. How is this possible? If the father is downgraded, will the mother be elevated and perfected at the height of her power?

It is evident that Hak Ja Han and her Family Fed representatives are aggressively asserting a new religion based on her claim to embody what she frames as God’s predominantly (99.999%) feminine nature. I suppose this may be attractive to feminists who critique the male patriarchy, [1]but all of us should be asking ourselves the question posed by Rev. Young Hwi Kim, “if the father is downgraded, will the mother be elevated and perfected at the height of her power?” Does tearing True Father down when he is not here to speak make us respect Hak Ha Han more?

Of course, religious teachings about a dimorphous but predominantly female goddess are not really new at all (https://mythology.net/egyptian/egyptian-gods/astarte/). The Biblical revelation that God created through the Word (see previous email about the DNA “alphabet” in every cell of living things) was a radical departure from ancient Near East religions which taught that creation of the world came through sexual relations between male and female gods.

The Divine Principle and Unification Thought teach that the dual characteristics of Internal Nature (Sung Sang), ie. intellect, emotion, will and heart, and External Form (Hyung Sang), ie. Universal Prime Energy are God’s PRIMARY nature.Masculinity and femininity are SECONDARY, not primary characteristics.

TheBiblical/Principle understanding of the creation of the world is that it came through the design and intention of the invisible God as expressed through His Word, not through sexual interaction between male and female elements.

It is heartbreaking and mystifying to see these ongoing series of attacks on TrueFather and on the Divine Principle teaching itself. Unificationists can look forward with astonishment as FFWPU theologians re-write the Divine Principle centered on Hak Ja Han’s, not True Father’s, religious teachings. After all, she teaches a new/ancient religion different in significant ways from what Sun Myung Moon taught for more than 6 decades of his life.