Hyun Shil Kang’s Letter of 12/21/2016


Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang

December 26, 2016

Photo of the hand written letter by Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang, dated December, 21, 2016.

Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang met Reverend Sun Myung Moon in this hut made of cardboard boxes, mud, and stones in Pusan, South Korea in 1952.

(This is an unofficial English translation of Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang’s letter of 12/21/2016, by Masako Ando). 

Beloved Brothers and Sisters (“Shikku” [family members]),
I’m Hyun Shil Kang.

I fondly remember the old days when I first heard True Father’s words at Pomnekkol, Pusan in 1952. I was so deeply moved and grateful, and with such a heart of solving problems of life and universe and embracing the world with joy, and stood on the front line of the providence with True Father.

After that, I pioneered Taegu, Taejeon, Kwangju, and Pusan-jin churches. I miss and fondly remember those days in my 65 years that I lived a life of testifying to True Father, offering utmost devotion and struggling to realize with True Father the will of God for the sake of the restoration of the human race. 

I went through hardships beyond description during the age of pioneering. The days in my youth when I was so hungry that I satisfied my hunger with the smell of komtang (beef bone soup) in front of a restaurant, encouragement and advice received time to time from God and True Parents, and the love thereof! The memory of the happy times in those days still moves my heart. 

God and True Parents would know the days and nights of my 65 years. Not knowing that my meeting the Lord of the Second Advent was a dream or a reality, I was walking down the street by myself, laughing and dancing as a crazy woman. 

Since I was able to meet the Lord of the Second Advent in my life, there is nothing that I can’t do. I started this way, by swearing: “I have to go this way even though I will be dying, and I will go this way even after my death.” True Father’s word was so powerful that it made me crazy about the Divine Principle. 

However, one day I heard of certain words out of the blue – Mother said: “I was born without the original sin from the womb in the three clean generations of pure lineage, while Father was born together with the original sin.” I couldn’t understand however hard I tried to do so, and I struggled in pain for a couple of days. I couldn’t accept it by my religious conscience.

I can’t understand the words that “I’m the Messiah and Mother God,” either. Christians will laugh if they hear such words as “the two thousand years of Christianity has been waiting for me, the Only Begotten Daughter.” 

I can’t be forced to believe this. 

I don’t think that a woman can be the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent. 

Mother thinks of herself higher and bigger than the position of True Father as the Lord of the Second Advent. I can’t believe in demoting True Father’s position and elevating Mother’s position. I’ll study more and pray about how God and Father view this situation. 

As I can’t accept all of these things – I’m changing my way. I believe that all of you, Shikku (Brothers and Sisters; family members), won’t worry, and will watch over me with love. 

Mother, whom I loved so much! 

If there hadn’t been these things, I would never leave the Church no matter how strongly I was pushed out. I’m one of the people who loved Mother, longing to be close to you (Mother). Although I’m leaving now, I will always remember and love Mother. 

I’m going to Sanctuary Church in order to be closer and to get closer to Father. 

Although I’m of advanced age, it was my decision from my own thoughts and own will to come to Sanctuary Church – guided by God’s will and True Father’s advice, I think. As such, I’ve come to Sanctuary Church in Pennsylvania. 

Please take care of yourself (good-bye), Mother! I’ll see you someday in the spiritual world. 

December 21, 2016

Hyun Shil Kang