Interview with Hyung Jin Nim - The Untold Story

8 part interview with Hyung Jin Moon on Jan. 21, 2016 about his relationship with his father, Sun Myung Moon, and mother, Han Hak Ja as well as view of Asian and American providential roles.

Chapter 1 - Seven Deaths and Resurrection 
Chapter 2 - His 2 Years at Father's Side
Chapter 3 - His Childhood Experiences Growing up in America 
Chapter 4 - His Hopes for Mother & the Asian Providence
Chapter 5 - On Mother Since Building of the CheongPyeong Palace
Chapter 6 - Why He Waited until 2015 to Speak Out 
Chapter 7 - What He Learned in the "Midbar" of the Wilderness in PA
Chapter 8 - America & the Establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

CORRECTION: Pennsylvania is the KEYSTONE state.