It’s All About the Blood


Jim Stephens, UTS ’77

February 10, 2016

On the Necessity to Return to Father’s Authority and Lineage

I have been praying and thinking, trying to figure out what happened at the Foundation Day Ceremony, 2013, where we all drank “holy wine” which had the result of nullifying our Blessings.

This article explains what I believe to be true. I welcome feedback so that we can all better understand what happened. Then we can know where we stand today and what we have to do as a consequence.

Hyung Jin Nim has said that we lost our Blessing by drinking the Foundation Day holy wine. How could that be possible?

So now we are in the position to have to receive a new Holy Wine and the Blessing to Return to True Father’s Authority. What does that mean?

February 13, 2016, is True Father’s birthday, three years after Foundation Day. Hyung Jin Nim says that anyone who took the Foundation Day holy wine had their Blessing nullified, came under the claim of Satan again, and any Blessing since then under Hak Ja Han was a false Blessing.

Furthermore, every couple who participated in the Foundation Day blessing or who were blessed after Father’s ascension and who do not receive the Blessing to Return to True Father’s Authority on or before February 13 is no longer a Blessed Couple. Any Second Generation or Third Generation who do not receive the Holy Wine will become First Generation. This is an earth-shaking proclamation.

The ramifications for every single member, every Blessed Couple, even new born babies is incalculable and life-long. This is so devastating I can hardly even think about it. You and all your loved ones are impacted. Is it possible to get any more serious than this? Could one woman, Hak Ja Han, be responsible for such a massive catastrophe?

What Is Your Original Sin?

When I was the Co-Director of the Blessed Family Dept., I was tasked with giving presentations to new couples about the Change of Blood Lineage brought by the True Parents.

Video Lecture 1:
Video Lecture 2 (same basic content):

I think by better understanding the Fall of Adam and Eve and then how the Blessing of True Parents reversed the Fall, then we can better understand how Hak Ja Han’s “holy wine” cancelled the True Parents’ Blessing. Please bear with me because this will take about four pages.

We know that Eve fell with Lucifer and this is called the “spiritual fall”. What exactly is spiritual sex and what was the difference in Eve after she fell with Lucifer? How was her spirit changed? How was her physical body changed?

After the spiritual fall, Eve had knowledge and experience of sex. She was more distant from God, even closed off from God by a self-created spiritual barrier. She experienced fear, shame, and guilt, realizing what she did was wrong and against God’s Commandment. She was “hidden” from God.

How did this happen. She had give and take with Lucifer over and over until she was listening to him, believing him, and trusting him. She no longer was trusting God and asking for His opinion. The energy of their give and take felt good, but it was taking her in a more and more evil direction away from God. She was slowly seduced, finally resulting in their substantial (although spiritual) sexual relationship.

Something had to have changed in her physical body as well. Modern scientific research is now discovering a whole new field called epigenetics. It’s the study of changes to the coating of our DNA due to the thoughts and emotions that we have which produce hormones throughout our bodies.

There was now a self-centeredness and darkness in Eve’s spirit. Her energy vibration was no longer pure. Through sex with Lucifer, she now recognized that Adam was supposed to be her husband. This was powerful knowledge now being used as the basis of give and take with Adam in a self-centered way. Their sexual relationship resulted. This is called the “physical fall”. Eve was dominated by Lucifer and she came to dominate Adam through evil give and take and this led eventually sex. The sex sealed their immaturity, separation from God, and infected their spirits with the energy of Satan.

Neither one of them could reach perfection, which is full maturity and oneness with God. This is their Original Sin substantially. They are separated from ever reaching oneness with God without outside help from a Messiah. Their spirits are infected with sin. Their bodies down to their DNA were affected.

God was not able to see them grow to maturity and was not able to give His Blessing on their marriage. That becomes our Original Sin which is passed down to every succeeding generation through the sexual relationship. We are cut off from God’s blood lineage by our blood relationship to Satan.

We learned from Father that if Adam had not fallen too, then he could have reached perfection and become Eve’s Messiah and brought her back to God. But their sexual relationship before perfection, without God’s approval, sealed the blood lineage under Satan.

Sin is defined in the Divine Principle as “any condition to have give and take with Satan.” Satan took the “subject” position over Eve through their sexual relationship and Eve afterward passed on the same condition to Adam. She was the “subject” in the sinning. The ownership of their relationship and the claim on their descendants belonged to Satan not God.

Adam and Eve were created by God but by conditions of give and take under Satan they dwell in the midway position and God cannot claim them.

Jesus said “You are of your father, the devil.” We are from the lineage started by Satan with Eve and passed through the sexual relationship of Eve and Adam.

We cannot change our parents or our lineage by ourselves. We cannot escape this connection to Satan, the Original Sin, of our ancestors, Adam and Eve. Thus we have an inheritance that we cannot erase. We are in the blood lineage of Adam and Eve.

Getting Rid of the Original Sin

God’s amazing grace is to provide the Messiah to change our lineage back to the original lineage of God. There must be a Messiah and a replacement couple for Adam and Eve. God must be able to anoint a couple as a replacement Adam and Eve after they fulfill certain indemnity conditions. God has waited since Adam and Eve fell to give a couple the original Blessing in Marriage that He wanted to bestow.

This is wholly God’s decision and God’s portion of responsibility to bestow His Blessing.

The Old Testament history is the story of God preparing the lineage for Jesus to be able to come. God worked through very unusual women in the blood lineage of Jesus. Tamar had sex with her father-in-law, Judah. Rehab was a prostitute who protected Jewish spies and became the mother of Boaz. Bathsheba was taken by King David from her husband and became the mother of Solomon. Mary was a virgin betrothed to Joseph, but became pregnant before marriage. This is the blood lineage of Jesus. Conditions were being made to reverse what Lucifer and Eve did.

Jesus was crucified without being able to change our blood lineage back to God. He succeeded in reaching the level of perfection where he could be our father spiritually but his body was crucified before physical conditions for salvation could be made. Together with the Holy Spirit, Jesus did provide “spiritual salvation”. They were the spiritual parents for our spiritual rebirth. We are adopted into the spiritual lineage of God. Our salvation is forgiveness for our sins by grace.

But returning to God’s blood lineage remained to be accomplished in the flesh. At the Last Supper, Jesus proclaimed that the wine was his “blood” and the bread was his “body”. The Eucharist Ceremony is the result where Christians drink the “blood” of Jesus and eat the “body” of Jesus. Christians speak of being “bathed in the blood of Christ”. Essentially we are given grace for the forgiveness of our sins by the sacrifice of Jesus shedding his blood and not being able to have his own blood lineage.

The Lord of the Second Advent, True Father, succeeded in getting God’s anointing as the Christ by fulfilling his portion of responsibility. He then needed a woman to replace Eve and together become the successful couple that God would be able to give His Blessing in Marriage.

The marriage of True Father and Hak Ja Han took place in 1960. God claimed this marriage even though she was young and not perfect. She started on a seven year course to be the True Mother.

God conditionally gave the anointing to the True Parents in order to bring physical salvation through the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Marriage Blessing. This and the 3-Day Ceremony constituted the Change of Blood Lineage. In other words this meant the forgiveness of your Original Sin, your adoption into the blood lineage of God and out of Satan’s lineage.

This is the physical redemption talked about in the Bible. It is God’s amazing grace upon your marriage and God’s permission for you to have a sexual relationship under His authority as if you had reached perfection. Therefore, your children were born under God’s authority and do not have Original Sin.

The Holy Wine Ceremony is the drinking of special wine created with many secret ingredients from God’s creation. But probably the main ingredient is a drop of blood from each of the True Parents. (I don’t know if this is literally true, but it is surely true symbolically.) This would be taking into your body the blood of your new parents, God’s representatives. Through your new parents comes the grace forgiving you of the Original Sin. You are adopted by God’s representatives and separated from Satan’s lineage.

Another part of the Change of Blood Lineage is the Holy Handkerchief. Each person (First Generation) receives one at the time of the Holy Wine Ceremony. On the Holy Handkerchief is Holy Wine which is the blood of True Parents. During the 3-Day Ceremony, each night after bathing, each person completely wipes their body with their moistened Holy Handkerchief. We are literally bathing in the blood of Christ.

During the speech that True Father gave us before our Holy Wine Ceremony in 1979, I remember him saying that the Holy Wine had the power to cut off any “satanic energy cords” that were connected to us from past sexual relationships and I assume from our fallen blood lineage.

It was not because of our own merit that we received the forgiveness of our Original Sin. It was God’s and True Parents’ adopting us into the heavenly lineage that did it. We received permission to get married under God’s authority. God gave permission to have sex and to have children born into God’s original lineage and free from Satan claims. We have been granted unfathomable grace. That grace is also granted to our children who are born from God’s point of view into His blood lineage.

False Holy Wine Cancels Our Blessing on Foundation Day 2013

Before True Father passed into Spirit World, he and Mother clearly designated the future inheritors of True Parents position. There were two inheritance ceremonies and three crowning ceremonies. Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim had been chosen to carry on in True Parents’ positions and with their full authority.

Who chose them? I’m going to say it was God and True Father. Mother probably went along.

After True Father ascended, spiritual confusion came about because Mother fired Hyung Jin Nim almost immediately and took over control by herself.

As I have come to learn, Hak Ja Han had been harboring a heart of resentment and anger toward True Father, “the dictator”, for a number of years. She was strongly separated from True Father in her heart and did many things to erase his legacy, especially the times he had criticized her.

There was a “holy wine” created for Foundation Day and most all of us drank it. But if Mother is separated in her heart from True Father, then she must also be separated in her heart from God. If the Foundation Day “holy wine” did not come from True Father and God, then who did it come from? If Mother is separated from True Father, then the holy wine could not have come from True Parents. If it is not from True Parents, then it is not from God. Then who is it from? The only conclusion is that it is from representatives of Satan.

Therefore, those of us who drank that false holy wine were drinking the wine that represented Satan’s blood lineage. We were making a condition to come under Satan’s claim.

It was not created by a unified True Parents representing God. It was not created by the designated inheritors of True Parents position. It was not even created by a loving husband and wife or father and mother centered on God. It was not centered on God.

The Foundation Day Holy Wine was created by Hak Ja Han who had a heart of anger and resentment against the Messiah, the Christ. That is a heart united with Satan’s will. God and the Messiah and the inheritors of True Parents’ mission had been kicked out.

Drinking the Foundation Day Holy Wine was supposed to be the Holy Wine of Cheon Il Guk (the Kingdom of Heaven), but instead it was a curse and a condition that Satan could lay claim on us again. We were deceived and betrayed. Our Blessings which were conditional because we are not perfect, now have been nullified by one woman, Hak Ja Han, and all those cooperating with her.

Just like Eve in the Garden was seduced by Lucifer, Hak Ja Han was seduced by false ideology, power, money, resentment, and sweet words from Hyo Nam Kim (masquerading as her own mother from spirit world) and others seeking their own power and money.

I don’t know how much Hak Ja Han has any idea of what she has done. I don’t know how much all the leaders uniting with her and supporting her realize what they are doing to True Father and God. But the ship is going to sink because it is not of God.

Come Back to True Father on or before February 13th

Thankfully, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim did not unite with Hak Ja Han. Fortunately for us, they separated from her and kept their position that was given by True Father.

They have been receiving guidance and spiritual support from God, True Father, and Jesus. They have gone a “wilderness course”.

For the last year they have been stepping into the anointing and authority given to them by True Father and proclaiming the truth. They did not choose this course. Who would want it? True Father and God chose them for this course. They have accepted it. I’m exceedingly grateful that they did.

They have established the Holy Wine and the Holy Blessing to Return to True Father’s Authority and are offering it to everyone. I hope you will accept it.

True Father’s birthday on February 13, 2016, will be three years since the false Foundation Day. That is the length of Jesus’ public ministry. The time is coming to a close for the special indemnity condition established to return to True Father’s Authority.

After February 13, all those who drank the false holy wine will have to go a different course to reconnect to True Father and have his sanction on your Blessing which was nullified. Everyone will become First Generation and will have to start from the beginning as single people. You will have to receive the Blessing again and do all over again the Change of Blood Lineage Course, including 40-Day Separation and 3-Day Ceremony.

It’s all about God’s Blood Lineage. God decides the instrument of His Grace and the course you must go to receive it. Please pray and seek God’s point of view.