Let There Be Light!

On October 30, 2016 an important ceremony was held by True Father (Rev. Sun Myung Moon) and his successor, the Second King, Hyung Jin Moon, at Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. This was a ceremony for the liberation of 210 generations of ancestors and for the liberation of the babies which had not been born on earth because of miscarriage, abortion, and other circumstances. Since I myself experienced a miscarriage a long time ago, I participated in the ceremony together with my husband and our son. Although I had been establishing conditions of sincerity prior to the ceremonies, I had never imagined that I would be able to experience such a joyful thing as I am going to describe below.


This is what happened on the 50th day since the day of the liberation ceremony. The child whom I had miscarried about 32 years ago appeared brilliantly in front of my eyes. It was a boy. First of all, several days after the above-mentioned ceremony, I clearly heard the voice of a newly born baby when I was in my room. It was not a dream. It was so mysterious for me. And several days later, I heard the voice again. This time the voice was that of an infant who had grown a little more. This was not a dream, either. And then, for the third time, I met my child himself. It was around 6:20 in the morning of Sunday, December 18, the 50th day after the day of the liberation ceremony. This occurred in my dream, but I think it was a revelation because it was so clear in terms of content. One young man was standing straight in front of my eyes. At first, I thought he was my son Newman because his face was similar. However, as I looked at him more closely, I realized that he was a different young man. He looked taller, wearing a white shirt and black trousers. At that time I realized that he was a spiritual body. At that moment, I clearly realized that this young person was Truman, the miscarried son of mine, who had received the liberation ceremony conducted by Hyung Jin Nim. His name means a “true man.” I had prepared both male and female names right after the liberation ceremony. When I realized that he had grown up so brilliantly, I could not help being amazed and surprised. In order not to forget this experience, I quickly picked up a pen and drew his face and appearance.

I wondered why, within just 50 days after the ceremony, he had grown up to become a young man at the age of around 20. So, I reported it to Hyung Jin Nim and received from him an answer to my question. Hyung Jim Nim said to me as follows: “Even if only 50 days have passed on earth, in the spirit world, the spiritual bodies grow quickly if they have the right atmosphere, environment and right conditions.” Hearing those words, I was able to believe completely 100 percent in the revelation which I had received that morning.

Every day since the liberation ceremony, I kept talking to my child, offering meals to him. Only half believing, I kept talking to him one-sidedly, saying such things as “Please study hard Father’s words of Divine Principle and Cheon Seong Gyeong so you can perfect your character like True Father. Please become a son of filial piety for the sake of Heavenly Father and True Father. Please be sure to share this meal with millions of your friends who also received the liberation ceremony. Moreover, to my surprise, I had feelings that the words I said in the conversation and prayers in front of the offerings resonated and stirred up to heaven.

Before I experienced those things, I had thought that the miscarried babies would disappear like bubbles and that they would not exist any longer. I now realized that I was wrong. It is said that, when True Father was alive, the Second King Hyung Jin Nim asked him when the spiritual body enters the human physical body. True Father answered, “The spiritual body enters at the moment when the sperm and the ovum are united.” Hyung Jin Nim showed us in a video at Sunday Service that at the moment when the ovum is fertilized by the sperm, “light” is shot. It is indeed “Let there be light!” isn’t it? This has been proven by contemporary science as well.

Therefore, even if miscarriage or abortion occurred, human life as a child of God and as a human being never disappears once fertilization has occurred. Through the above-mentioned experience, the joy of the old days which I felt when I became pregnant and gave birth to a child revived within myself. At the same time, I was able to deeply feel and taste God’s joy in creating each human being. Indeed, through this remarkable experience, I was moved by the deep love of Heavenly Father, True Father, and the Second King Hyung Jin Nim. I really felt that miracles really exist. I cannot help feeling gratitude every day. “God is love.”

I never imagined even in a dream that Heavenly Father would give me such a present. I always wanted to have another son. It is because, when I was 37 years old, I was told by Lady Doctor Kim, the spiritualist whom I respected, that I would be given two sons. After I gave birth to three daughters and one son, I became very ill and made up my mind that I would never give birth to a child any more. Whenever I recalled those things, I accused myself for insufficiency of my faith. However, my heart is now filled with joy like the cloudless sky.

Thank you very much to the Second King Hyung Jin Nim, who has established many strict conditions for conducting the liberation ceremony, it became possible to resurrect the lives of unborn babies. Truly, I cannot help feeling grateful. Heavenly Father’s love was not given to me alone. All unborn babies since the beginning of human history who have been unfortunate have been resurrected. They are now working in the spirit world together with God to help human beings on earth for the purpose of perfecting the Providence of Restoration of humankind and building Cheon-Il-Guk.

This is my testimony. Thank you very much. A-Ju, Amen.

Reiko Kessler

2075-Couple Blessed FamilyDecember 18, 2016