My Answer to Demian Dunkley


Dr. Richard Panzer

October 3, 2023

Around the time of True Parents' Holy Matrimony, the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, True Father made several references to the appearance of an only begotten daughter, but he never meant the "begotten daughter who is born without original sin.”

Nevertheless, Kim Jin Choon suddenly pulls out the concept of the first-born daughter of the third generation, which has no biblical, providential, or principled basis, and applies it to her, and says such bizarre things as the “Immaculate Conception, and the first coming of the Goddess of Mercy.” What is this if not the detonator to destroy the Principle and blow up True Parents? We cannot just keep looking at such actions, but we must protect the Principle, the Word, and True Parents.

-Young Hwi Kim, June 25, 2022


My Answer to Demian Dunkley

RichardA. Panzer, Ph.D., President
Unification Sanctuary USA, 10.2.23

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AfterTrue Father’s passing on September 3, 2012, I was looking forward to hearingMother’s speech. I thought that she might discuss honestly the painful challenges she faced as the wife of the returning Christ and encourage us to renew our commitment. Like all church members that I know I felt a lot of affection and respect for her, knowing that being a life partner to Sun Myung Moon, the most driven and intense person in history, could not have been easy. As we all know,True Father, like Jesus, drove himself 24/7. Consequently, I knew that it is nearly impossible for anyone around him, especially for Mother, to live an easy life.  

I was surprised to hear about church leaders in Korea saying that Mother would show that she was even more capable than True Father. I thought it was strange, but should not have been surprised, that there was already a culture in theFamily Fed to give sycophantic praise, while comparing her “effectiveness” with that of Father’s. Then, we heard her own rhetoric on May 8, 2020 when she asked, “Who guided everyone into the finish line? ONLY (her emphasis) Mother crossed the finish line!”[1]

We started to hear speeches from Mother’s representatives, like Dr. Jin Choon Kim, about how Father “has a tail” and was born with sin while she was born sinless, and had to forgive his sin. But these speeches were given in Korea, so church leaders here in America could feign ignorance. But now, with the appointment of Demian Dunkley as continental director, we have the Only Begotten Daughter theology given in our own church centers so no one can pretend that the FamilyFed isn’t telling a revisionist new story.

Let’s listen to Damian Dunkley’s words in 2022 to American church leaders about why they needed to attend a workshop to understand Mother’s new teachings and directives.[2] One of which is that members needed to join in making an apology for mistakes committed by True Father going back 60years. Has she made any mistakes she wants to apologize for? Of course not, sheis the Only Begotten Daughter.

Damian Dunkley
Damian Dunkley


Mother wants to set the record straight, that True Father needs to be liberated because he committed great sins. This is an accusation, but where is the due process? Inmost countries even a thief gets a trial and is allowed to defend himself.

It seems that True Father is being accused of having relationships with several women in the 1960s. Do any of you really believe that such relationships were engaged in because he couldn’t control himself?

My wife, Miho, spent 11 years at East Garden, from 1976 to 1986. She gave massages to True Father and Mother many times, almost every night. She saw the stained underwear that Father was given to wear in Danbury prison when he was released to visit home during his imprisonment. I asked her, “did you ever get a sexual feeling coming from True Father?” She was angry to hear my question and said,“NO. I never saw or felt that even once! Father was the most pure, holy person. Many nights I heard True Father praying in his sleep.”

Countless times Father spoke about the mission of Tamar, who risked her reputation and life when she seduced her father-in-law in order to continue the chosen lineage that gave birth to Jesus. Here is one of his statements from 1972.

Tamar was a person who recognized the importance of God’s lineage, that is, the blessing. She was a historic, representative woman who was prepared to risk anything to pass on this lineage. Her position was the same as the position of Eve. Although Eve should have inherited God’s lineage directly from Him as the mother of humankind, she in fact neglected and destroyed this inheritance. In order to restore this, a woman who would surpass Eve had to appear. A woman who could single-mindedly think that continuing the lineage that is blessed by God is more precious than her own life had to appear. Tamar was that woman.

When we consider the actions of Tamar, she risked her own life in order to fulfill the providence of God. Father also risked his life inthe same way.

TrueFather was telling us that he was instructed by God to engage in relations with a number of partners in the same way that Heavenly Father instructed Tamar in order to continue the messianic lineage.  

Since the Only Begotten Daughter and the FFWPU are accusing TRUE FATHER of committing crimes so that he is in some kind of prison in the spirit world, I suggest that we have a trial. Damian Dunkley can be the prosecutor and tell us about the crimes the Only Begotten Daughter believes Father committed, andI can present a few of his accomplishments while he was alive on the earth. Damian, my email is I am waiting to hear from you soon so that we can schedule the trial at a time and location of your choice.

Now, let’s talk about the accomplishments of the Only Begotten Daughter according to numerous speeches she has given since Father’s passing.

OnJuly 1, 2014, she explained that she was born without Original Sin and had to forgive Father’s sin. She says the reason he was sent to the Hungnam death camp was because of his sin of marrying Sun-kil Choi, in1944. Father said that he did so in response to Heaven’s command,[3] but she says he should never have married anyone before her.When Father married his first wife, Hak Ja Han was one-year-old. You can choose to believe her- that Father was confused about God’s will and would have to be punished with starvation and nearly being worked to death in Hungnam for hisso-called mistake, but then I would ask you, if you don’t believe that Father did his utter best in 1944 to follow God’s will, then I wonder if you believeanything that he said.  

On October 27, 2014 she explained at an International Leaders’Meeting, that no one educated her, that she knew the Divine Principle from childhood without any struggle or studying. She says she just knew the truth.  

Even Jesus studied the Torah. In Luke 2:52 it says that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” The word “increased” implies he experienced a growth process.

True Father studied the Bible in 3 languages.His Bibles were underlined from beginning to end. He made many conditions to discover God’s original purpose of creation, the real nature of the Fall, why Jesus had to walk the path of crucifixion, and the providence of restoration. He was imprisoned and even tortured for teaching about his discoveries, but Hak Ja Hansays she just knew all the secrets without any effort, from childhood. She says she didn’t learn anything from her husband. She just knew the Truth. She said "before Reverend Moon taught his theology,I already knew it." Father started teaching the Divine Principle in 1945, when Hak Ja Han was 2 years old. [4] Since the growth period is part of God’s principle of creation, she has even succeeded in overruling God.  

Mother seems to imply that Father was a male chauvinist who forced her into silence for more than 5 decades while he was alive, but wasn’t it True Father who introduced the idea of God having BOTH masculine and feminine elements? Didn’t True Father initiate the Women’s Federation for World Peace, giving Hak Ja Han world-level status and respect as well as a platform to speak? Yes, he praised her many times. Has she praised him, or tried to diminish him, when he is no longer able to speak for himself?

Mother claims that the UN Forces arrived in Korea to rescue her as the Only Begotten Daughter but according to her mother, Soon-Ae Hong’s testimony, she and her 5-year-old daughter, Hak Ja, had already left the Communist north and gone to the south of Korea in 1948, two years before the start of the Korean War, so her story doesn’t make any sense.[5]

Also, in the 1940s before coming to the UnificationChurch, Hak Ja Han’s mother belonged to the Inside Belly Church, which was instructed by Heaven to prepare clothes, both Korean and western-style, for the returning Lord, from infancy to 33 years old.[6] They knew theLord of the Second Advent would be a man. They painstakingly made clothes for a boy growing into manhood, which is why they made pants, not dresses.

One of the most regrettable characteristics of fallen people is a lack of gratitude. A fallen person feels compelled to take all the credit without acknowledging his/her indebtedness to anyone else.This is exactly what Hak Ja Han has shown us in the 11 years since True Father passed away. It is painful for me to say these words, but it is true.

Let’s take a look at a photo of Hak Ja Han with family members after the Parents’ Day celebration earlier this year. Do you notice anyone missing? When I ask FamilyFed brothers and sisters why there is no chair for Father or even a small photo of him on the wall, they tell me not to worry, and to repeat the mantra, “TrueParents are one!”

Also,Mother says that God and Father are inside her. I know that many mothers treasure the time they carried a child inside them for 9 months, but if Hak JaHan carries True Father inside her, does that mean he is a pre-born infant who isn’t able to speak? As the Only Begotten Daughter she claims that she is in the subject position and in control. It could be that she doesn’t want him to speak. I guess that is also the reason why statements by Father in the CSG that she didn’t like have been removed in her new CSG. Yes, the Only BegottenDaughter does like to be in control.

That matches with her legal deposition, where she said under oath that any proclamation that TRUE FATHER made during the last 50 years that wasn’t approved by her was invalid.[7] Don’t believe me, read it for yourself and weep to read all the time she expresses contempt and disdain towards the one she is supposedly united with.  

OnNovember 27, 2022, 500 church leaders from Korea and Japan were required to attend a workshop where they were taught that 95% of what True Father taught us,the words that transformed our lives, was wrong.[8]    

Doyou agree with her? If so, you have joined the new Only Begotten Daughter religion whose teachings are 180 degrees opposite from what True Father taught.Since I believe in religious freedom, you are free to believe whatever you want, but don’t say that you are upholding the words of Sun Myung Moon.

She also shows little awareness or concern about the ongoing threats to freedom in America and around the world.

On November 30, 1973, at great personal cost Father launched the “forgive, love, unite” campaign in the United States. He asked church members to fast and pray.  He knew that removing President Nixon from office would lead to the deaths of millions in Southeast Asia and, tragically, he was proven right.

Father and the UC paid a heavy price for defending Nixon. That is when the Washington Post invented the term “moonie” to describe Unification church members and media around the U.S. began to describe our church as a brainwashing cult. Ultimately it led to Father being sent to Danbury prison for the alleged crime of failing to pay $7,000 in taxes. I remember when True Father spoke to us before leaving for Danbury prison. He told us, “don’t pray for me. Pray for America!” It was in 1982, during the court trial that would lead to his imprisonment when he determined to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to start a newspaper in our nation’s capital that would educate America about the foreign and domestic threats to our freedoms. It was called The WashingtonTimes.

I believe that if Father were alive today, he would be leading the fight against the growing worldwide globalist tyranny. He would be defending Donald Trump from the kangaroo court prosecutions which are a harbinger of what the police state wants to do to anyone who dares to disagree with government propaganda. He would be speaking out against the transgender agenda in our nation’s classrooms. He would be rallying pastors all over the U.S. and around the world to speak out on behalf of all those who are attacked because of their beliefs.  

Is Hak Ja Han doing any of these things? Does she speak out to defend freedom around the world? Consider her speech at the online “Peace Starts with Me:Peace and Blessing” event on June 5, 2021, where she called for the AmericanClergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) to take a stand for peace by advocating the disarming of American citizens in the cause of “peace.” Here is what she said:

Is it necessary for citizens of America, the world’s superpower, to own and carry guns? Should we simply observe a situation where innocent lives are being taken for no reason? I believe the time has come for America, especially for the American Clergy LeadershipConference (ACLC)—America’s Christian ministers—to take a stand for peace.

The next day she said the following to church leaders: “Why should people need to have guns at this time? The fact that anyone can own a gun is a problem. Why do you need a gun if you can make laws and govern the people well? We need to change all of these structures.”

Well, there you have it, the Only Begotten Daughter says that average citizens shouldn’t be trusted to own firearms to defend themselves. I know that many brothers and sisters will think that I am being harsh to discuss this, but I don’t believe magical thinking and nice sounding words keep a nation free or communities safe, or build the Kingdom of Heaven. Such virtue signaling is actually dangerous.

It’s painful for me to say this to an 80-year-old woman I have always respected, who should be enjoying precious time with her great grand-children, but disarming law-abiding citizens has been the precursor for totalitarian rule and mass murder in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, and many other countries around the world.

As far as mass shootings in schools and movie theaters, 95% of these take place in“gun free” zones, where law-abiding citizens are like sitting ducks who are not allowed to defend themselves. Does she know that cities like Detroit, Baltimore and Washington DC which have strict gun control laws that leave average residents helpless also have the highest murder rates in the country? And does she know that communities around the U.S. where nearly every home has one or more firearms have the lowest rates of violence?

It seems that in the Hak Ja Han’s world, it is only the elite rulers who can be trusted to use force responsibly. The average citizen should be defenseless. But Father encouraged us to learn martial arts and to become part of a Peace Police, Peace Militia. He believed in Peace throughStrength, not Peace through weakness.

ButI don’t blame her for spouting left-wing talking points and wanting to mobilize clergy to support those. I blame those around her who are using her to advance their own agendas. Maybe if she hadn’t driven away all of her sons, she wouldn’t be exploited like this.

Its seems that the Han mother has unresolved pain and resentment towards Father, perhaps due to his strong directions, such as when he told her not to shed even one tear after Heung Jin Nim’s death after a car accident in 1984. Father wanted to send his son to the spirit world as a public offering for the world, and believed that expressing private grief would interfere with that, but it must have been excruciating for her not to grieve for her dead son.

She demands that we worship her as the Only Begotten Daughter, and wants to show us that she is more capable than Father, but she already had the love, respect and gratitude of all church members. The tragedy is that there was nothing for her to prove. By tearing Father down, she destroys herself, not him.

But don’t believe me. Take 5 minutes to read the words of Young Hwi Kim, a 36blessed couple and former UC president, from June 25, 2022 in which he expresses his anguish about the Only Begotten Daughter teachings given to Family Fed church leaders by Dr. Jin Choon Kim at the Jeonju Church on March 22 of last year. Here is what Rev. Kim wrote:

Can you imagine that such an evaluation of the Father's life and such a voice of contempt, almost like a curse, could come from among us?This is clearly the whispering of the devil that has entered our midst, and we have no choice but to say that it is a rebellion against God's Kingdom.

Around the time of True Parents' Holy Matrimony, the WeddingFeast of the Lamb, True Father made several references to the appearance of an only begotten daughter, but he never meant the "begotten daughter who is born without original sin.”

Nevertheless,Kim Jin Choon suddenly pulls out the concept of the first-born daughter of the third generation, which has no biblical, providential, or principled basis, and applies it to her, and says such bizarre things as the “Immaculate Conception, and the first coming of the Goddess of Mercy.” What is this if not the detonator to destroy the Principle and blow up True Parents? We cannot just keep looking at such actions, but we must protect the Principle, the Word, andTrue Parents. [9]

And what about Hyung Jin Nim and the Sanctuary Church? I could talk about how in 2013, he and Yeonah Nim were excited to teach aboutAbsolute Sex and were broadcasting about that from East Garden. When they sent a report to the Han mother about what they were doing, they thought she would be happy, but instead they were sent a demand that they immediately stop speaking about it. Soon after he was fired.

I want to address the discomfort many brothers and sisters have felt when he made stingingly critical statements about what his mother was doing, starting in January, 2015.

Most Unificationists are kind and polite people, so it is shocking to our ears to hear a son speak about his mother in a harsh way. But let me ask you a question. If you truly believed that your mother was committing a providential error of historical proportions, and you had already spent two years reaching out to her and begging her in private until she ordered her guards to block your way to speak with her,and you desperately wanted her not to go down a dark road that would bring suffering and judgment to the entire world, how would you speak?

Hyung Jin and Yeonak Nim

There is something else, that you probably wouldn’t know unless you were able to visit the Unification Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, or the new Cheongpyeongin Tennessee. Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim are a beautiful couple, who saved themselves for their Blessing night, and have children who also followed their example.

They have taught me, Miho and many others a lot about how to invest in your marriage and in your children. Our own marital relationship has gotten much better with their guidance and example. I wish we had understood and practiced these things three decades ago. We are not the only ones who feel that way.

It’s true that at the Unification Sanctuary, we don’t have a marble temple to worship in, but there are other benefits. We often feelGod’s and True Father’s presence with us when we worship with this wonderful couple. They are generous in their time, and have the heart to speak to themost humble brother or sister or guest, often for hours.  

They have shown time and time again that they are ready to confront something that is wrong, whether it is inside our own church or a threat to the survival of America as a free nation. I know thatTrue Father is very grateful to them for continuing his traditions, holy day ceremonies and preserving his unchanged words in the Eight Great Textbooks. I see them conducting their ministry with jeong seong and the sincere desire to make Father smile.  

Let us pray that all the tears and sacrifice invested by those of us who were moved and transformed by the Divine Principle, and by those of us who were blessed to hear Father’s words and see his example with our own eyes, will not be erased. There is still time for us to hear True Father’s voice and to do the right thing, even when it is not the popular thing to do.Thank you for listening. God bless.

[1] “ONLY Mother crossed the finish line” statement at 60th Anniversary – 02-True Mother (May 8, 2020) at 12:00.  

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"It was not my choice that I married Sung-Jin’s Mother. I did so only after I understood God’s will. It was an order from God. She also met [me] according to the direction of God. Her name is Sun-Gil Choi (Often written as Sun-Kil Choi 최선길)."

[4] Regarding Hak Ja Han skipping the growth period, on page 106of Hak Ja Han’s 3/25-26/2019 legal deposition: "before Reverend Moon taught his theology, I already knew it." Father started teaching the Divine Principle in 1945, when Hak Ja Han was 2 years old. Deposition at

Video discussion at

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