My Time with Hyo Jin Nim

My wife and I worked exclusively for Hyo Jin Nim for the last decade of his life. I was with him daily at the Belvedere Studio in Tarrytown. I received a link to the King's 'Breaking the Silence' video, after which my family returned to True Father's authority in 2015. We are very grateful for the Second King and Queen.

Hyo Jin Nim passed on March 17, 2008. One month later, as you know, on April 16, Father publicly stated, "Today, at this time, there must only be one line of authority. The center, centered on Korea or the world, over the entire Unification Church, will stretch out and become larger. From now on, I can leave someone in charge of my work on my behalf. Currently, there is no one among our church members who surpasses Hyung Jin in his standard of faith or in any other way. Do you understand? I am appointing him.”

During my time with Hyo Jin Nim, True Father had asked Hyo Jin Nim to "take the lead" after Father passed away, but Hyo Jin Nim declined. True Father asked him three times; however, Hyo Jin Nim turned down the offer three times. When I asked Hyo Jin Nim why, he explained that he wanted to support his siblings from "behind the scenes" (Verbatim). He also said that his younger brothers were more qualified to lead the church than he was. He felt that church members would not accept him and they would not love him. It was sad to hear such things. I was there when Hyo Jin Nim heard that Hyung Jin Nim was chosen by Father. Hyo Jin Nim said, "Good choice" (verbatim).

Hyo Jin Nim was loyal and dedicated to True Father during the last decade of his life. He was all about Father and was nothing like the mistakes that are often spoken of by members to this day. He did not like the fact that mother was doing whatever she wanted; in fact, one time, Hyo Jin Nim fought with Father over Han Hak Ja saying, "why do you let her do whatever she wants?" Father replied, "She doesn't listen to me."

For whatever it's worth, Hyo Jin Nim is the most beautiful soul I've ever known personally. Before his untimely passing, he told me he wanted to love his siblings more by spending time with them so they would get to know him better.


Kenneth Koh