Reflections on Hak Ja Han’s 3/25/2019 Deposition- part 1

"For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted," Matthew 23:12

Pg. 17: She states that the founders of the UC, i.e. True Parents, control the UC, thereby inferring that she was a founder. She was 11 years old and in pigtails when True Father founded HSAUWC.

Pg. 19: She states that True Father became a True Parent only after he met the “Only Begotten Daughter,” when in fact True Father was “born as the King of the World on the Heavenly side” (DP, 1973, pg. 482).

Pg. 23: When asked, “So it’s your belief that the Reverend Moon did not start the Unification Church first. It wasn’t started until he married you;” she responds, “Yes, that is the providence.”

She states [the UC] as having been founded in 1960 centered on the True Parents when True Father himself was fully qualified as containing the authority of True Parents when he founded it in 1954, nine years after he began his ministry in 1945.

[Explanation:  The eight stages of vertical restoration of shimjung are the hearts of servant of servants, servant, adopted son, stepson (or son of a concubine), true son, true mother’s heart, true father’s heart, and God’s Own Heart.  One cannot graduate to the next stage without having succeeded in the previous stage.  For Father to have advanced to the level of True Father (the seventh stage), he would have had to master the level of heart of a true mother (the sixth stage) which, through his tearful, blood-stained course, his loyal and filially pious relationship with God, and his patient, loving, nurturing care for brothers and sisters, is what he did achieve.  On the foundation of his substantiation and embodiment of these qualities of true motherhood and, later, true fatherhood, Heavenly Father assigned to him the title of “True Parent.”  Therefore, it could be said that Father was not only the True Parent but that he was the True Parents.  True Father was absolutely obedient to God’s commands (regardless of how counterintuitive they seemed to him or to others), had absolute faith and trust in God, and enjoyed an absolute loving relationship with Heavenly Father.  It was True Father who discovered the full content of Divine Principle, which – along with Father’s words – was the theological pillar of the Unification movement that God and he had founded in 1954, a decade after he unlocked, assembled, and began proclaiming the secrets of the ideal, fall, and restoration that Satan had kept hidden throughout human history.]

Pg. 24: She states that two people met together and started the providence when the truth is that God’s providence centering on the Lord of the Second Advent began two thousand years ago as soon as it was determined that Jesus would have to go the way of the cross and that in the future Christ would have to come again.  Her physical mother joined True Father’s movement and brought her little girl along; True Father did not join her nonexistent movement, as her self-delusions would have others believe.

Pg. 35-36: She admits that her meeting with Rev. Moon at age 17 was “for [her] selection to become a True Parent,” which contradicts her claim that she was already in that position and thereby able to forgive Father’s “sin.”

Pg. 39: She violates God’s (and Father’s) shimjung by giving no credence to His involvement in True Father’s course prior to 1960.

Pg. 40: She states that Father “was not able to complete the work by himself.  Only after meeting me was it completed.”  God’s providence is to separate mankind from Satan and to establish God’s originally intended ideal in heaven and on earth by transforming His lost children into true sons and daughters who would establish His Heavenly Kingdom.  It was by no means completed by Father having what proved to be the mixed fortune of meeting Hak Ja Han.

Pg. 43, 45: She refers to herself as “True Parent” when God never assigned her that title.

Pg. 49: She claims that Father could not have been the “heavenly father” [meaning “True Father”] if he had married anyone else other than her.  Although the term “True Father” was not applied until the 1970s, Father qualified for that title long before he met HJH.  Then she states that without her, the Blessing ceremony would not exist.  This is not true because Father has stated on numerous occasions that if the Choi mother had fulfilled her portion of responsibility, she would have been the True Mother and their marriage would have been considered the first Holy Blessing, leading to future growth-stage and completion-stage Blessings.  

The standard of heaven regarding the Holy Blessing is that if one of the Blessing partners falls, etc., the unfallen partner retains that particular Blessing status, which then is transferred to his or her next Blessing partner.  This applied to True Father as well.  The truth is that without someone who stands clearly in the object position to True Father, the Blessing ceremony could not exist.  Unificationists worldwide owe a great debt to HJH for giving us so many clear indications that she broke from Father and thus has failed her portion of responsibility.  However, we owe an even greater debt to True Mother Kang, who exemplified and embodied every quality of true motherhood that True Father himself had pioneered.

Pg. 54: HJH refers to True Family values while she continues to malign True Father’s true motivation, heart and character to her misguided followers worldwide and disobey God’s expressed providential directives.  Father would never have issued potentially history-changing decisions without first (a) receiving them from God or (b) clearing them with God.  All brothers and sisters should stand up for True Father.

Pg. 59: She states that the Second King was immature, but which of these two people was more mature – True Father, who had a relationship of oneness with God and who unlocked all heavenly secrets, or Hak Ja Han, who publicly disrespected True Father and quietly worked to reverse his providential directives while he was still on the earth?  Clearly, True Father was far more mature than HJH, and it was God, through True Father, who appointed and anointed Hyung Jin Nim as the successor, heir, taeshinja, and second king of Cheon Il Guk.  No one else’s opinions or supposed judgments are higher or greater than God’s, and only an immature and unqualified person would disagree with that and act against it.  

A True Mother would understand God’s providence, see God working through True Father, experience God’s powerful, loving presence through True Father, cherish, respect, and defend True Father to the greatest degree (at the risk of her life), and then commit her eternal life to helping all mankind comprehend the absolutely good, true, pure, and God-centered nature of True Father and the degree to which God has worked through True Father throughout his time on the earth.  All Unificationists should know that since 1952 Hyun Shil Kang has been the embodiment of those qualities and that for more than a decade Hak Ja Han has been the furthest thing from a “true mother” to anyone.

Pg. 63: HJH states that she is the True Parent and True Mother when she is not.  She claims that she is “the true mother who reveals the truth of heavenly providence and also the truth about the history” when it was True Father who revealed the truth of God’s providence.  What emanates from her are stories whose sole purpose is to minimize Father’s value, position, and standing in the hearts of brothers and sisters so that her standing would be enhanced, her usurpation justified, and her money flow secured.

Pg. 63: She claims that the Second King is “going the wrong way” but gives no examples that support that.  She states that there is no successor to the True Parent (meaning herself) when she was standing next to True Father when God through Father conferred onto Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim the full authority of True Parents.  HJH continues to undermine True Father’s heart, authority, and relationship with God.

Pg. 64: She claims that “if there were one [successor], it would be [HJH]” and that Hyung Jin Nim “can be a leader; however, there has to be an agreement between [HJH] and True Father. True Father alone cannot decide.”  This suggests that she did not agree with Father’s appointing Hyung Jin Nim in 2009 even though she participated in the anointing ceremony. She was not internally united with Father, while pretending externally that she was!

At every point throughout the history of restoration, Heavenly Father has worked His will through one point, never two.  Given True Father’s position as Lord of the Second Advent and his eternal reality, named by God, as the True Parent, the only agreement that is required for a decision of this magnitude (succession) was Father’s commitment to implement Heavenly Father’s selection of Hyung Jin Moon as True Father’s successor, heir and worldwide leader of God’s providence worldwide and for all people to unite.

Pg. 65: She slanders and willfully misrepresents the Second King, stating that he “was acting in his greed” when his actions after True Father’s ascension and his relationship with her exemplified the highest standard of faith, trust, and filial piety towards True Father.

Had he gone along with his mother’s agenda he could have inherited control of billions of dollars of assets. Instead, he honestly expressed his opposition to her changing Father’s words and her claiming to have forgiven Father’s “sin,” showing his unselfish willingness to receive her disapproval and later her firing him from all of his appointed positions as World President of the church, President of HSAUWC in Korea, etc.

On the contrary, it was HJH who displayed the utmost disunity, disobedience, faithlessness, greed, immaturity, and feelings of insecurity by usurping the Second King’s God-given position as appointed-and-declared leader of Unificationists worldwide.

Pg. 66: She states, “All blessed families in the United States are united as one with True Parents…,” but she has redefined “blessed family” as a family that kowtows to her adherence to her past, now-failed position as true mother and current sacrilegious claims to have forgiven True Father’s “sin.”  According to her proclamations, any family that rejects her because of her betrayal of True Father is no longer blessed.  

Pg. 67: She states that the Second King should “not persist in walking along what is not the path” when she herself veered away and causes others to veer away from God and the path of absolute obedience, absolute faith, and absolute love for God and for God’s True Son.  This demonstrates that she has no understanding for what walking the heavenly path means.  She then cites the Biblical verse stating that “he who speaks against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven,” as if she is the Holy Spirit, when it is she who continues to violate the Holy Spirit by rejecting and attempting to reverse Heavenly Father’s providential directives.

Pg. 69: She asserts that she is the owner of the Tongil symbol when she is not.  She didn’t create it, she doesn’t have a clear understanding as to its meaning, and she had nothing to do with its introduction into usage by True Father and earlier church members.

Pg. 73: One of the oddest quotes by HJH is: “And if you study the Divine Principle, you would understand.”  As one who repeatedly contradicts what the Divine Principle says about who True Father is, what his relationship with God is, and what his value before heaven and the universe is, Hak Ja Han is the one who needs to study Principle and Father’s words more than anyone else.

Pg. 77: She states, “…because I’m the True Mother, if there is a son who does not understand, I give him time to understand.”  She gave the Second King no time before firing him from five positions.

Pg. 78: She states, “And the leaders… understand that they need to connect with True Mother.”  If that is so important, then for the last twenty years why did HJH not consider it important for her to connect with True Father?  Answer:  Because she centered on herself and not God, thus failing in her role as prospective True Mother.  

Pg. 85-86: She states, “There cannot be a son who does not recognize the mother who bore him and raised him.”  But since the mother who bore him and supposedly raised him (somehow without cooking breakfast for him even once throughout his childhood) disunited from God and True Father, she became unrecognizable in heart not only to the Second King but to God Himself.  God’s viewpoint might be: “There cannot be a wife who does not recognize the husband through whom God Himself attempted to guide and raise her.”

In her hypocrisy, HJH then lashes out, “[with regards to the father who has ascended] what unethical and immoral son will find a new wife for his deceased father while the mother is alive…?”  In 2012, True Father stated publicly that at that point no one stood in the position of his wife.  If no one stood in the position of his wife, then no one stood as his substantial wife or eternal Blessing partner.  This shows clearly that Hak Ja Han failed her portion of responsibility and that it was she who left her position as both wife and True Mother.

Her statement “I didn’t abandon him.  He abandoned me” has long been a tactic that Satan uses to perpetuate his false sovereignty over God’s children.  It was Hak Ja Han who betrayed and abandoned her husband and God, thereby uniting with Satan.  It is each person’s responsibility to separate from Satan and enter into the true love of God.  When any person with whom one interacts became inextricably entangled in Satan’s web, then one must separate from that person if one cannot break that person free.  The Second King reached out to her on multiple occasions, and she rejected his calls, even sending dozens of palace guards to block his way to visit her.  She did indeed abandon him, and these are not the actions of any decent mother, much less a true mother.

Pg. 87: Hak Ja Han states, “…he lost the original character of a son.  He is not my son.”  

The purpose of her training by God through True Father was to separate her from Satan and encourage her so that she could attain those standards; however, she chose expedience over faith, comfort from recreation and those in her inner circle over real growth, herself over Father, and ultimately Satan and self-delusion over God and God’s viewpoint.

She states, “He made a proclamation that betrayed me.”  In 2010 True Father made a proclamation that stated that “ANYONE” who does not recognize Hyung Jin Nim as the true center is a heretic and one who brings things to destruction.  It was Hak Ja Han who betrayed God and True Father by rejecting the son anointed by them.  To ally oneself with someone who opposes God is the same as opposing God.  Hyung Jin Nim perfected the original character of a son by remaining absolutely loyal to God and to True Father.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make every conceivable proclamation that exposes Satan and accuses him of his crimes against God and God’s children.  Satan’s mindset is to oppose Father.

Pg. 87-88: She states, “In front of the providence and the truth, the True Parents is the only True Parents and True Mother who can accomplish God’s dreams and mankind’s wishes.”  That is a true statement, but Hak Ja Han left her position as True Mother and object partner to True Father many years ago.  True Parents – True Father and True Mother Hyun Shil Kang – are indeed the eternal True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and All Humankind, and God through True Father conferred the full authority of True Parents onto Hyung Jin Nim and Yeonah Nim.  God through Father even declared Shin Joon Nim as the third king of God’s providence.  Hak Ja Han is an equal opportunity betrayer who implements Satan’s will by rejecting Heavenly Father, True Father, Hyung Jin Nim, and Shin Joon Nim.

Pg. 88: She states, “I am the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, and Holy Spirit.”  Hak Ja Han has done everything in her power to demonstrate that she is indeed an only begotten daughter – unfortunately more like an only begotten daughter of Satan, who undermines True Father and his designated successor.

Regarding the Second King, she states, “Well, I asked him to wait for three years and study during that time and… I said, ‘…I will show you in three years.’  However, he gave up everything and ran away to the United States.” In fact, Hak Ja Han had him fired from five different church positions in Korea and then directed him to go to America to serve as the President of the American church, where he was soon fired again.  Also, compare this with Satan’s third temptation to Jesus in Matthew 4:8-11.  [The slanderer took him to another place, a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he told him, “I’ll give you all these things if you fall down and worship me.”  Then Jesus said to him, “Get out of here, Satan!  It has in fact been written, ‘You are to worship the Lord your God and serve Him alone in his rites.’”  Then the slanderer left him, and, look, messengers came to him and tended to him.]

Since, by this time, Hak Ja Han had told Hyung Jin Nim that she was God, this parallel holds true, and the Second King’s prayerful, purposive unwillingness to affirm her false claims was true to God’s standard and expectations.

Pg. 88-89: She states, “[he] ran away to the United States. I didn’t send him away. He voluntarily went.” In fact, Hak Ja Han had him fired from five different church positions in Korea and then directed him to go to America to serve as the President of the American church, and soon firing him from that. Her unwillingness to honestly describe her own actions speaks volumes.

She states, “[Hyung Jin Nim] doesn’t know who God is and he doesn’t know the true nature of Jesus and… he didn’t know the True Parents, that’s why I said, ‘I will show you the historical truth.’”  That is incorrect on many levels.  The Second King knows who God is – our beloved Heavenly Father – and what His nature is, and he knows that Hak Ja Han is decidedly not God.  As the returning Christ, True Father knew God and Jesus more intimately than any other person, and it was on that basis through which God identified and selected Hyung Jin Nim as Father’s successor and heir.

Hak Ja Han is caught up in a pseudo-theological maelstrom of self-delusion, the purposes of which are to:

- separate mankind from understanding the true, absolutely loving, creative nature of God, our Heavenly Father

- mask her lack of understanding as to God’s Heart and nature

- vent her deep resentment toward True Father that stemmed from her decision to not turn her heart and soul to God (God would have answered her!); this blinded her to Father’s obedience to God’s directions without regard as to where God guided him

- impugn the character of True Father

- dishonor his heart and reputation in the hearts and minds of members and non-members alike

- replace God, True Father, and True Father’s named successor with herself

She states: “A Creation cannot occur with just father alone. There has to be mother. It's imperative.” But the creation described in the Bible is through the Word (logos) of God (implementing God’s plan as described in Unification Thought), not through sexual intercourse of male and female as taught in pagan religions that the God of the Bible rejected and judged.

Pg. 94: In response to the attorney’s inquiry as to whether True Father ever discussed with her the need for a successor, she said, “There was no mention of a successor.”  This is simply not true and it is shameful that she would mislead those listening.  First, in the 1980s True Father clearly explained that he would appoint a successor. In the early 1990s, Father initially cited her to lead the movement if something should happen to him.  At the time, Hyung Jin Nim was in his early teens, perhaps 13 years old.  But later, after the Second King had grown, matured, and established himself before God, True Father publicly declared Hyung Jin Nim to be his successor and heir with Hak Ja Han standing right next to him!  This occurred when the Second King received the Eight Great Textbooks from God and True Father.  

Pg. 95: She states, “…he doesn’t understand the mission of True Parents,” “…he doesn’t understand True Parents,” and “If he was (sic) my son, he should have the resemblance of me; however, he refused to resemble me.”  It is Hak Ja Han, however, who apparently never understood the mission nor the substance of True Father, especially the total degree to which God dwelled in him, worked through him, loved through him, and inspired others through him. To resemble HJH, then, would be to resemble someone who rejects and dishonors True Father.

Pg. 100: She states, “And before he met me, I cannot say that he (True Father) was without the original sin.”

Pg. 101: She states, “Because I was born without the original sin, that’s why I am the only begotten daughter.”

Both statements have no relationship to Divine Principle teachings, which is why Family Fed theologians are re-writing the Divine Principle at this very moment.

[To be continued]