Reflections on Hak Ja Han’s deposition 3/25-26/19 part 2

Pg. 101: She states, “…until Reverend Moon met me, we cannot say that he did not have original sin.”  

Clearly, she does not believe that True Father is the Second Coming of Christ. It is apparent that at some point she lost faith in him and his teachings or came to have another objective.

Pg. 101: She states, “Because I was born without the original sin, that’s why I am the only begotten daughter,” (Pg. 102) “by meeting me, he ascended to the position of only begotten son,” and (Pg. 104) “the only begotten daughter who came for the first time in 6,000 years without original sin found the only begotten son.”  

So she “found” the “only begotten son” after he interviewed her for the position of bride in training to become “only begotten daughter?”

The truth is that True Father stated on a several occasions that Hak Ja Han was born of the fallen lineage.  Her mother joined the Unification movement and brought her along; True Father didn’t join her because there was nothing there for him to join!  In 1960, Father screened her and interviewed her prior to their Blessing, not vice versa.  

Father’s mission as messiah, like Jesus, requires that he “restore Eve.”  “Eve,” however, is a human being, and human beings were given free will by God so that they could grow their hearts to where they could choose the path to God and good.  By meeting and being blessed with True Father, Hak Ja Han acquired only the potential of becoming a true daughter of God (or only begotten daughter), but that was contingent on her fulfilling her portion of responsibility and uniting with God and with True Father, who was her subject partner.  

Pg. 106: She states, “…before Reverend Moon taught his theology, I already knew it.”  As Father was discovering the contents of Divine Principle, there were occasions in which he shared with others what he had learned.  This occurred before Hak Ja Han was born.  In 1944, when Father had already discovered the Divine Principle revelation and Hak Ja Han was being breastfed, did she know the Principle?  She has such disdain for her followers that she actually thinks that they have no choice but to believe her.  

Pg. 107: She states, “I can say that I knew [Unification theology] perfectly because at the age of 17, I made a firm resolve that if it were not for me, no one else could realize God’s dream.  That is why at the age of 17, I married a 40-year-old man.  Think about it.  Is that possible?”

If she had at any point known Unification theology clearly, she would never have looked at nor referred to True Father as “a 40-year-old man” but as the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, that faithful Christians had awaited 2,000 years.

Pg. 109: She states that after Father’s liberation from the Hungnam death camp in 1950, he went to Pusan and “he found and he wrote down the word, and, on that foundation, Father had the qualification as the only begotten son to meet the only begotten daughter.”  

Do FFWPU brothers and sisters really believe this nonsense? If she already knew the truth from birth, why didn’t she write it down at age 7 and save True Father all that trouble!

By 1945 at the latest, Father had “found the word.”  Father at that point had a wife and son, but the Choi mother could not join him at that point for several reasons.  Eventually, like Hak Ja Han, she had no comprehension of either Father’s mission or his relationship with God and came to oppose him strongly.  If Hak Ja Han had known Father’s history and Unification ideology as she has stated, then she would have understood that at some point she would have to experience the same thoughts and feelings that Father’s first wife experienced that led to her failure and overcome them.  Instead, she did what Eve did and didn’t check with God when Satan planted some emotional seeds into her and lured her away from her spouse.

Pg. 110: She states, “Concerning the providence, I cannot view the Reverend Moon as completing the work of providence on earth. He mentioned about the kingdom on earth; however, the one who proclaimed it and opened it was myself.”

Like Jesus, True Father continuously proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. He did not just “mention” it. He did so at the risk of his life. True Father declared the establishment of Cheon Il Guk (Heavenly Nation or Kingdom of God on Earth) on January 1, 2010. This was the Proclamation of Year One of the Heavenly Calendar.

When Hak Ja Han says that she proclaimed and opened the Kingdom on earth, she is stating that Father was misinformed when he did so on January 1, 2010. She claims that she opened the Kingdom after his passing in 2012, but if so, it is a Kingdom based on her teachings, which differ radically with what her husband said. In effect, it is a new religion.

Pg. 111-112: The questioning attorney asks Hak Ja Han whether there was ever a conversation between Hyung Jin Nim and her as to who would lead the church after True Father died.  Instead of giving a direct answer, required in any legal deposition, she states, “Well, the circumstances did not allow that sort of question to arise because Sean at the time needed to grow much more, and he was a male who was not complete, and even though I was his mother, he was not my equal as to carry on a conversation.”  

Notice that she never answers the attorney’s question. Since she participated in the appointment and crowning ceremonies of Hyung Jin Nim at True Father’s side, is she saying that she and Father never discussed this appointment? That is very hard to believe since this is obviously a providentially crucial choice. If she disagreed, wouldn’t the principled thing to do be to persuade Father not to do this, or refuse to participate? Her reported silence implies acceptance of Father’s choice or simply recognition that Father was the absolute subject in her five decades of marriage, despite her current claims that she was not only an “equal” but actually the central figure in a leading subjective position.

She then berates and intimidates the attorney who is asking a legitimate question: “Your questions are very ignorant.”  She goes on to state, “I just said it was impossible to have that kind of conversation because we were not equals.  So how could that be, that conversation?  Hyung Jin needed to follow me unconditionally.  He needed to attend me.”

For an “only begotten daughter” who claims to be superior in the virtues of patience and compassion she indicates how obsessed she is about issues of position and status. Would not a compassionate subject patiently “have a conversation” with her son who is in training for an important responsibility?  

A “male who was not complete?” A supposed object partner who is unloving, faithless, unfilial, disobedient, and disrespectful toward God’s son and Heavenly Father Who appointed him is “a female who was not complete.”

Hak Ja Han stood inches away from Father when those proclamations were made; she is without excuse.  If she had believed that the second king required more training and growth and taken her role as loyal wife of Father and loving mother of the second king seriously, her natural impulse would have been to reach out in love to him and initiate several “conversations” in order to teach him what she felt he needed to learn in order to fulfill his future God-given responsibilities. Unless, or course, if her objective is really to insist that he disobey his father.

Pg. 113-114: Hak Ja Han states, “In the public forum, Reverend Moon has mentioned that he was the [founder] and that I was the number two [founder].  This meant that I was his equal in every respect.”

Comment: A short time before Father ascended in 2012, True Father stated, “I raised up Mother, but now there is no Mother.  There is no one in the position of Reverend Moon’s wife.”  Since there was no one in the position of Father’s wife in the months before he passed on, Hak Ja Han clearly was not in the position of “co-founder” at that time.

She states, “Since long ago Reverend Moon knew that since he was older, if he passes on, that I was to take on all the responsibilities and continue with the work.”

How could she claim to know or value what True Father “knew” when she ignores, dismisses, and reverses God’s providential directives given through her husband?  If the contents of that statement had ever been true, then it would have been true only for the period of time when she was in agreement with Father’s direction, and years before God recognized Hyung Jin Nim’s spiritual maturity and anointed him as Father’s successor.


Additional Comment: In 2000, True Father expressed concerns about Hak Ja Han’s ability to cooperate with him and explained that her position was dependent on her willingness to obey and unite with him:

God has embraced women for the sake of true love but they must absolutely obey God in order to stand in a position of his object. I'm saying this for Mother.

Today I am teaching you all of this. Do you understand? The age of mother-son cooperation is followed by the age of father-son cooperation. This is the end. The age of cooperation between mother and son is over; we have entered the age of cooperation between father and son. Therefore, although she had not cooperated in this, Mother can receive all the blessings that are the fruit of women having paid indemnity throughout history just by maintaining the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Sun Myung Moon, November 11, 2000, Princeville Hotel, Hawaii


She states, “That’s why he mentioned that I was the number two, the second founder.”

The providence began when True Father started his ministry in 1945.  Father declared her a co-founder in order to encourage her to fulfill her responsibilities by giving her the public support he felt she needed, as he did in many other cases.  She is a “co-founder” as long as she stands in unity and agreement with True Father (see quote above), not in opposition to him. If she thought True Father was making a wrong decision, she should have had the conversation with Father about anointing Hyung Jin Nim, which she now states never happened.

She then states, “And he also educated or trained great leaders who were able to support me or help me.”

The primary and immediate purpose of those “leaders” and her immediate support staff was to support Heavenly Father and the Lord of the Second Advent and contribute to God’s providence by implementing His explicitly stated providential directives and encouraging others, including Hak Ja Han, to do so.  Instead of telling her, “Oh, your mission is so difficult,” they should have stood up for God and said, “As difficult as your mission is, Heavenly Father is suffering much, much more by situations just like this and worse.  Let’s comfort God instead!”

Pg. 114: The questioning attorney asks, “Now, you understand, though, that before he died the Reverend Moon identified Sean Moon as his successor?”

Hak Ja Han responds, “Successor is a word that shouldn’t be thrown around that easily.  Like I said before, True Parents – for True Parents, there are no successors.”

While it is true that there must only be one set of victorious True Parents, True Father spoke clearly about the role of a “physical representative” and “successor” beginning in 1985:

"There will always be a physical representative of the True Father here on earth, from one generation to another; there will be that axis on which the earth will turn. Therefore, all of you here on earth and all the people in the generations to come will be centered upon the same axis."

"After that registration is done, True Father will appoint his successor. That successor must be known to all the Unification Church, all the blessed couples and the True Parents' family. They must all unanimously accept him. Once that successor is determined, the law or constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom shall be laid down to guide all activities. The law will guide heavenly citizens here on earth and into the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven." SMM, “Parents, Children and the World Centered Upon Oneself,” June 5, 1983; Tarrytown, New York. God's Will and the World (1985), p. 649

Pg. 115: The questioning attorney asks, “Did you ever hear Reverend Moon identify Sean Moon as his successor and heir?” She states, “I never heard him say that.”

Her statement is contradicted by her own statements later in the deposition. (see below)

She states, “I know that you are preparing [a] video clip to show me; however, that doesn’t – that clip is not an indication that Reverend Moon was appointing or naming Sean as his heir.  It was just a warning to other sons.”

That’s absurd on two counts: (1) Father appointed, anointed, and declared Hyung Jin Nim to be his successor on numerous occasions and in a variety of ways.  (2) Father’s nature and way of doing things were clear, direct, and forceful: if he wanted to warn someone, he would simply do it.  He was neither fearful nor hesitant about warning others or scolding them, as he did to Hak Ja Han several times.

Here are two statements in the videos that Hak Ja Han thinks are just a “warning to other sons”:

"Today, at this time, there must only be one line of authority. The center, centered on Korea or on the world, over the entire Unification Church will stretch out and become larger. From now, I can leave someone in charge of my work on my behalf. Currently, there is no one among our church members who surpasses Hyung Jin in his standard of faith or in any other way. Do you understand? I am appointing him." April 16, 2008; Korea

"God is the one King of Kings. There is only one set of True Parents. All families are the people who share a single lineage, and are the children of one heavenly kingdom. Moreover, the command center of cosmic peace and unity is the absolute and unique command center. Its representative and heir is Hyung Jin Moon. Anybody else [who claims such a position] would be a heretic and one who brings things to destruction. The above content is True Parents' proclamation." June 5, 2010; Korea, Declaration and Will (Written by his own hand)

"The representative and inheritor is Hyung Jin Moon, anybody else is a heretic and destroyer." "You just follow everything. It contains everything." June 5, 2010; Korea. Spoken words when explaining the “Declaration and Will” to Han Hak Ja

(For more of Father’s statements, go to:

Hak Ja Han states, “And in order to become the heir, in the proclamation there needed to be my signature as well, but in that proclamation my signature is not there.” On pages 116-117, she states, “Without two parents’ signature (sic), this proclamation cannot be considered as valid.”

Comment: When Father signed this proclamation, which he wrote with Hak Ja Han's help, he must have assumed that she was in full agreement with him, but now she states that she was not in agreement. Since the Lord of the Second Advent began his mission in 1945, the only agreement, approval, imprimatur, or signature he has required was God’s. Once God gave a command and communicated it to Father, that was all that Father ever needed because this is a Heavenly Kingdom in which a loving Heavenly Father – not Hak Ja Han – is the King of Kings. In this quote, Hak Ja Han places herself not only above True Father but above God Himself. There is only one spiritual entity that does that and causes others to do that – Satan.

So True Father declares the appointment of Hyung Jin Nim to be “True Parents’ proclamation,” but in this deposition Hak Ja Han states that this appointment proclamation, which she stated on page 115 never happened, “cannot be considered valid” because it does not have her signature. Does this mean that all written proclamations that Father ever made were "not valid" because they lacked her signature?

This is again clear evidence that she did not agree with True Father’s appointment. She pretended to be in agreement with True Father while he was alive on earth, but now when he is gone makes statements in direct opposition to his.

She clearly thinks that most church members won’t find out what she really believes. Retired leaders and missionaries, who receive a modest pension from FFWPU, can be silenced with the threat of canceling their pensions. Church leaders, like those in America, will hide such statements so that brothers and sisters in the USA never find out what she really believes.

This deposition reveals just how disunited she was with True Father in the last decade of his life, but could she be right that most church members won’t care even when the truth is staring them in the face?

Pg. 118: Hak Ja Han states, “…True Parents do not specifically target one particular child and say this is my successor.”

She may say so, but that is precisely what God and True Father did.

Pg. 121: The attorney asks: “But having sat there and watched those 54 seconds of video clip, would you agree with me that the Reverend Moon is saying in that clip that he needs to appoint a successor to carry on his work after he dies?”

Hak Ja Han states, “That wasn’t my view.”

Again she makes it clear that True Father’s view was not her view and that she was NOT united with him about this very important providential issue.

Pg. 126: The questioning attorney asks, “So, Mrs. Moon, I’m asking you, do you hear Reverend Moon saying that he is appointing Sean Moon in that video clip I just played for you?”

HJH responds, “The True Father cannot at his own discretion make that decision without my consent.”

Comment – see above. It is God who has been leading His providence of restoration, and it was God’s decision – never hers – as to who would be True Father’s successor and heir.  A decision and an announcement of this magnitude could have been initiated only by God.

HJH states, “I am the True Parent.  The True Parent doesn’t consist of the father.”

But she is mistaken.  God assigned the title of “True Parent” to Sun Myung Moon, not Hak Ja Han.

Pgs. 126: She states, “It also includes mother, and the mother has more authority.  So I should have been the one.  It should have come from me.”  

Pg. 127 She states: “And the true mother has the most authority. Life comes from the true mother, and true mother nurtured them… The video clip was not complete. It only shows the father’s side. It did not show the mother’s side.”

Here she reveals her real belief, which is not that she and True Father are “one,” or even that they are “equal.” There is not one shared view, there is Father's side, which is opposed by the Mother's side.

She states she has MORE AUTHORITY than Father. As she says, the “True Mother has the MOST AUTHORITY.” Now that Father has passed she is taking her chance to reverse Father's declarations, which no one seems to care about except for the anointed youngest son, which is why he had to be fired and driven out.

We again see her obsessive concern with claiming ultimate status and power. There is nothing about understanding the heart of her husband and his desperate wish to complete God’s will. This is not about heart-centered unity with True Father, it is about exercising her power and authority to undo and reverse what he declared since he is no longer alive on earth to stop her. She is not seeking equality, she is seeking to OVERRIDE what her husband said and did.

What motivates her to do so is a great mystery. Why would the woman who already had the love and respect of all Unificationists turn her back on her husband in order to create a new religion? Did she have unresolved resentment against True Father, who, as we all know, pushed himself and others around him to the maximum?

Pg. 130-131: The questioning attorney asks, “Would you agree with me that part of the Reverend Moon’s message at this inauguration ceremony was not only that Sean Moon would be the new international president but also that the church membership would come to know him as the successor to the Reverend Moon himself?”

She responds, “No.”

What is clear to the attorney and anyone who objectively reads True Father’s words is unclear to Hak Ja Han because she no longer feels obligated to pay any attention to his words.

The videos that show True Father’s intentions are at: .

Pgs. 139-142: There are questions concerning Hyung Jin Nim wearing a crown, and various reasons were given.  What was not pointed out was that the crown and robe that Hyung Jin Nim was wearing for those ceremonies had been True Father’s own crown and robe, which proclaimed even more loudly the fact that Hyung Jin Nim is True Father’s successor and heir.

Her answers are evasive about why Hyung Jin Nim is wearing a crown. On page 142, she states that “after they were born, when they were babies, they were wearing crowns” as if that were relevant. Finally, she admits that “Hyung Jin Nim was the only one wearing a crown.”

Pg. 149-150: The attorney asks, “Do you recall that there were three separate ceremonies in early 2009 where Sean Moon was identified by Reverend Moon as his successor?”

Hak Ja Han replies, “No, not a successor.  He was not a successor.” And a few lines later, she says, “No, I can’t recall,” because she doesn’t WANT to recall.

Of course, he is the successor that Father, and she at Father’s side, appointed him, but again, saying, “I can’t recall,” she refuses to give a direct answer to a clearly posed question, which is what she must do in a legal deposition, but again showing she did not agree with True Father and was not united with him.

Pgs. 151-152: She states, “If [Hyung Jin] does not fulfill his responsibility (meaning accepting her heretical theology), True Parents cannot appoint him as a central figure.”

Then the attorney asks, “What does Sean Moon have to do to fulfill that responsibility?” She answers: “His attitude towards parents, especially to True Mother – not the True Father – he should offer absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Without that, he cannot be a central figure.”

Comment: She makes it clear that she expects Hyung Jin Nim to offer absolute faith, love and obedience to her, and where there is a difference, not to True Father. Clearly, she is admitting that her agenda and directives are not the same as True Father’s.

God, through True Father, had already chosen Hyung Jin Nim, not Hak Ja Han, as the central figure of God’s providence on the earth today.

She makes another statement that, “if you reject the Holy Spirit, then there’s no forgiveness.”

Comment: The Holy Spirit always testifies to and leads people to Christ, but Hak Ja Han is testifying to herself, demanding that church members obey her even if it contradicts what her husband clearly stated about key issues and leading people away from the one who came as the Second Coming of Christ, so how can she claim that she exemplifies the “Holy Spirit?”

Pg. 159: She states, “the person who created (opened) the nation of cosmic peace and unity was not the True Father. It was True Mother. That’s why I did not sign that.”

Comment: Here she is stating that she refused to sign the statement declaring her son Hyung Jin Nim to be the heir and successor that no one asked her to sign. The reason she gives is that she did not recognize True Father’s authority to create or “open” the nation of cosmic peace and unity.  A strange statement for the woman who claims to open the “nation of cosmic peace and unity,” but does not respect or recognize her husband’s authority to sign a very important statement representing both of them. Clearly, she is admitting she was not united with him. Or perhaps she is hiding the fact that True Father chose to believe that she was in absolute unity and agreement with him, and therefore his signature represented their united will. Clearly his faith in her was betrayed.

Pg. 165: The attorney asks, “Did the Reverend Moon confirm by this [June 5, 2010] document that Sean Moon was his representative and heir to assume control of the church after he died?”


This is another example of how disunited Hak Ja Han was from True Father in the last years of his earthly life about a VERY important issue.

Pg. 166: The attorney asks, “Did you have any conversations with the Reverend Moon before he died about this document?”

HJH replies, “I have been telling the True Father from [a] long time ago that it was not yet time to raise the son… Therefore, since long time ago, I objected to that idea.”

Pg. 167: She states, “That’s why I didn’t – I disagreed, and I did not sign the document.”

This is another case in which God told Father one thing and Hak Ja Han told him the complete opposite.  It is also an admission that she DID discuss Hyung Jin Nim’s appointment with Father, while denying (see above), ie. lying, that she had ever done so.

Consistency, honesty, telling the truth, being united with and honoring True Father’s intention when it was most important, after his ascending to the spirit world, clearly mean nothing to her.



Pgs. 189-190: The questioning attorney asks, “Are you familiar with the term ‘Cheon Il Guk’?”

Hak Ja Han responds, “I proclaimed it. How would I not know it?”

That is not true.  It was True Father who proclaimed Cheon Il Guk and explained it in hundreds of speeches and sermons.

Pg. 204: She is asked whether someone who is following the Rev. Moon’s teachings would also have to use the Tongil symbol?

Pg. 205: She answers, “If a person does not follow the teachings of True Parents,  just because Reverend Moon had given permission or had said – had mentioned it, just because Pastor Moon had allowed it, that person is not allowed.”

When she says “if a person does not follow True Parents” she means following her. According to her definition, a person who seeks to obey what True Father said could be said to be not “following True Parents” because it differs from what she is saying now. She is demanding obedience to her edicts now, even when it differs from what True Father said.  Clearly what True Father said has no importance if it differs with what she wants now.

This is another case of Hak Ja Han attempting to minimize True Father’s relationship with God and ignore or reconfigure the source and nature of True Father’s authority in all providential matters.  Once God decides on something as critical to the providence as Father’s successor and heir and communicates it to Father, that matter is decided; case closed.  In this and many other cases, Hak Ja Han’s approval or assent was never required.

Pg. 207: She states, “The important thing is not the Tongil symbol.”

Symbols and images representing substance have value before God and to those seeking to honor the founder of the Unification Movement, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Pgs. 208-209 Hak Ja Han asks the questioning attorney, “Why are you separating [us]?” when she herself makes it clear that she did not agree with many of True Father’s key decisions and now demands that Hyung Jin Nim obey her, not Father.

It was Hak Ja Han who has separated her heart from God, True Father, and the truth in many ways.  She refers to Hyung Jin Nim as “a son who stole from his mother” when he stole nothing at all and after being fired by her from 7 positions in Korea and the U.S. walked away with no salary, no health insurance, no housing, and no car, but with his conscience and integrity intact.  Indeed, it was Hak Ja Han who ignored God’s direction and stole the leadership of the Unification movement away from God’s and True Father’s publicly declared successor and heir.

[Pages 211-298 are missing.]

Pg. 305 The questioning attorney asks, “Did Reverend Moon meet with United States presidents and high-ranking officials when he was alive?”

She replies, “Yes.  Yes, the father Bush.  Bush, the father.”  FYI, True Father also met with former President Eisenhower in 1965, with a sitting President in 1974, President Nixon, and with numerous U.S. Senators and Congressmen over the years.

[Pages 307-318 are missing.]


To put it mildly, the revelations in the two days of Hak Ja Han’s deposition are tragic and heartbreaking. They are also a warning to each one of us to be careful not to allow resentment or complacency to take over my mind and heart.

While we pray for the Han Mother to repent, let each one of us redouble our determination to attend Heavenly Father’s will by upholding True Father’s words and instructions while supporting the one he chose to carry on his work on earth, Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon, with his devoted wife, Yeonah Nim, and, as Father directed, Shinjoon Nim, in the third generation.

Given the shocking contents of this deposition we can see why the FFWPU has refused to give permission for the video recording of the 2 days to be released! But brothers and sisters who dedicated most of their lives to the Unification Movement deserve to be able to watch the deposition videos to see for themselves what Hak Ja Han really believes.

End of Commentary by Joseph Gaval on Hak Ja Han’s Deposition of 3/26/2019