Reflections on the Debate and Rev. Sudo’s Revelation


Richard Panzer, Ph.D.

February 25, 2016

I’d like to express my sincere respect to Dan Fefferman for being willing to engage in a six hour online debate with me about the important issues Unificationists are currently facing last Saturday and my thanks to Steve Henkins for organizing the event.  Thanks to Kyle Toffey for tabulating a debate transcript.

Who won? God did. Family Federation leaders like Mike Balcomb and Mike Jenkins continue to “hide behind Mother’s skirt” instead of debating the vital issues, as I’ve repeatedly invited them to do. If they truly believe Mother’s new theological declarations, why won’t they defend those in an open, public forum as Dan was willing to do?

Toward the end of the debate, Dan raised the issue ofthe famous diagram that Hyung Jin Nim has discussed in several services. Since many FFWPU advocates were denying that this diagram was actually being used in their workshops I was glad that Dan confirmed that fact. And, I actually agree with Dan that the diagram is likely referring to the results of the Fall, not its process.

Rev. Ken Sudo
Rev. Ken Sudo

Dan confirmed that the diagram is drawn from lectures given by Rev. Sudo.

Below is the translation of the Rev. Sudo’s Japanese-language notes that Dan provides: 
The 3 great blessings would result in God’s own joy.
Isn’t God just the same as any husband anywhere? The man’s desire (is/was) to reflect God’s seongsang (internal character). God also (himself) wanted a family. 
God was unable to marry that woman. Why was God unable to get married? (she) was stolen by another male who had invaded. The Archangel Lucifer became Satan when he stole the woman (Eve).The male (man) who stole the woman whom God loved above all = The adulterer of God – han (resentment/ grudge) of love. A being who cannot be forgiven even if hung, drawn and quartered. Fallen human beings have to fight against and overcome.

Direct Translation of Rev. Sudo’s Notes

What Dan, by way of providing Rev. Sudo’s notes that accompany the diagram, has done is to confirm Father’s/Hyung Jin Nim’s teaching that even though God has both male and female characteristics, He stands in a masculine position wanting to “marry” Eve as if He were Eve’s husband. Rev. Sudo’s notes CLEARLY CONFIRM that Hyung Jin Nim’s “Bride of Christ” theology correctly reflects Father’s teaching, however much the Family Federation tries to deny that.  Another reason why Christ must be a man, not a woman.

Rev. Sudo’s Japanese-language Notes

Another reason why it is correct to say that Mother’s claim to be the Messiah, the object of love for all the “Brides of Christ” is a strange and illogical form of “theological lesbianism.” 

Thanks, Dan, for helping to confirm that this diagram is indeed being used by the Family Federation and for sharing Rev. Sudo’s notes, which provide a strong affirmation that the “Brides of Christ” teaching is soundly based on Principle education going back many decades, not to mention 2,000 years of Christian teachings.

“Satan is the enemy of love. Who is the archangel? He is the adulterer who took away the wife of God. In other words, the subject of evil, Satan, is an adulterer who robbed God of His wife. He is an adulterer who has eaten up love. People have not understood that.”

CSG, Book 8, Chapter 2: Sin and Restoration through Indemnity, Section 3.2, Satan Is the Enemy of Love, p. 1,143


Richard A. Panzer, Ph.D., President
World Peace and Unification Sanctuary – USA