Review and Rebuttal of Tyler Hendricks' Presentation

“Mother must now perfect herself by June 16, 2013.” 

Rev. Sun Myung Moon; May 11, 2007
“Nature Renders Judgment to You”

Below is a review and rebuttal provided by an anonymous writer to be made available for all, regarding claims made by Tyler Hendricks.

By the writer, from the CONCLUSION:

"Whether intentional or not, this misrepresentation and rhetoric does not serve the Church or the Blessed Family membership. Indeed, one wonders that if the presenter must resort to misrepresenting the Sanctuary viewpoint in order to score points and shore up the FFWPU position, whether that FFWPU position is well-founded in the first place. It is possible that the presenter Dr. Hendricks merely misunderstands the Sanctuary viewpoint and so presents it not as it is. However, this seems unlikely given the importance of the issues that are at stake here. It seems that more could be accomplished if Dr. Hendricks’ presentation was based on actual Sanctuary positions, endorsed and agreed on by Sanctuary representatives, and if it dealt directly with the issues Sanctuary is raising. While it should be acknowledged that Dr. Hendricks (reportedly) sought to verify his starting point with Dr. Panzer, President of Sanctuary Church in the United States, one cannot help thinking that he somehow still got the story wrong."