How Mother Eliminated God’s Lineage and the Three Generation Kingships

Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang met Reverend Sun Myung Moon in this hut made of cardboard boxes, mud, and stones in Pusan, South Korea in 1952. She became the first disciple and follower of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in South Korea when she decided to join Rev. Sun Myung Moon in his ministry on May 10, 1952.

Good morning, everyone. 

Today, I would like to tell you how Mother eliminated God’s lineage and the three generation Kingships. 

What is the core of God’s providence of re-creation? That core is to bring the settlement of God’s lineage on the earth. The most important aspect of the returning Lord coming to the earth, is to bring God’s lineage to the Earth, so that, that lineage can settle on the Earth. 

In the Garden of Eden, Eve received the lineage of the archangel. She sullied, she dirtied the pure lineage of God. She gave birth to children as a result of that and has caused all humanity to be in that archangelic dirty lineage. 

We know that many women have had to go the way of restoration through indemnity in order to restore God’s lineage back to this earth. This was a path of tears for heaven. It was a path of indemnity that had to be traveled by many, many women because Eve deceived God, she deceived her husband, and she deceived her children. So, women have had to go this way even being prostitutes because of the course of indemnity. 

There are four women that are particularly recognized in this respect: Bathsheba, Rehab, Tamar and Ruth. These four women were at the center of the course to restore God’s lineage. It is on the foundation of the indemnity paid by these four women and others – but especially these four women – that Jesus was able to come to the earth with a blood lineage that was pure. 

Jesus gave the bread and the wine to his disciples saying, “This is my flesh and this is my blood.” This was Jesus’ urgent and desperate cry – his desperate desire to have his disciples and others inherit the pure blood lineage of God. 

As we have learned through the Divine Principle, Jesus was not able to marry – he was not able to have a Holy Blessing. That was actually necessary for him in order to be able to give the physical blood lineage to the fallen people of this earth. But he was not able to do that before he was killed on the cross. Jesus’ ultimate purpose on this earth was to restore God’s lineage which had been lost in the Garden of Eden. But because of the unfaithfulness of the Jewish people, he was not able to do that and he had to depart from this earth leaving a promise behind that he would return again someday. 

An incredible amount of blood has been shed over the past 2,000 years, so that Jesus would be able to return. It was on the foundation of this indemnity and sacrifice that True Father was able to come. All humanity should have welcomed Father’s coming. If this had happened, then all humanity would have been able to be reborn through him into God’s sons and daughters. 

But what happened though was similar to what happened 2,000 years ago. The people who had been prepared by God to receive Father did not receive him – rejected him – and he had to finally go the way of suffering through prison. 

Satan knows the Divine Principle better than anyone other than God, and so because he knows that, he was willing to forfeit all of humanity if only he could kill the Messiah. Satan’s ultimate goal was to eliminate God’s lineage from this earth – in order to do that he wanted most of all to kill the Messiah. 

Just as he did 2,000 years ago – Satan entered into the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace in Cheong Pyeong – and Satan conspired there to kill the Messiah. He made it so that the same thing would happen in Cheon Jeong Gung, as happened in the Garden of Eden – where God would be deceived, the husband would be deceived, and the sons would be deceived. He arranged so that God would be deceived in the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, True Father as the husband would be deceived, and even the son who was Father’s representative body and inheritor would be deceived. The Cheon Jeong Gung Palace was the place more than any other where there should be noontime sun, where there should be no shadow. But Satan however made it so that this kind of deception would take place there. 

Think of what the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace is. This was where True Father, Hyung Jin Nim and Shin Jun were living – three generations of kings were living there – in that place. It was in the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace that Father said that everything had been accomplished. This was the place where the four position foundation would be established. 

But now, today, in the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace: the first generation king is not there; the second generation king is not there; the third generation king is not there. There’s no king in the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace today. There is only a woman there, sitting, wearing a crown. She is a woman without a seed. But she is saying that even without a seed, she will save all humanity. She kicked out the second King and the third King. She kicked out the three generation Kingships. She usurped the Kingship for herself and is now pretending to be God. 

Not only that but she is doing everything she can to destroy Father’s legacy and work. She has changed Father’s constitution, saying that it is not necessary for the successor to be in Father’s lineage – that this would be ruled by law rather than ruled by blood lineage. She says that Father’s successor will be chosen by elections. She has now even denied Father’s lineage. 

She is saying ridiculous things, such as that Father was born with original sin, and it is only because he was married with Mother who had no original sin, that he was able to begin performing the Blessings. She says that just as God created Adam and also Eve in the Garden of Eden – so also she had to be created as the Only Begotten Daughter – so that sinless children should be born. 

She says that just as Mary gave birth to a sinless son Jesus, so also it is because she had no original sin that she was able to give birth to Father as the Messiah. She says that as the Only Begotten Daughter, she now stands in the center of the providence. But she is eliminating God’s lineage and tradition. She is doing something that the Catholic Church has been doing, i.e. the Catholic Church has been saying that Mary was on this earth as God’s substantial being and so she gave birth to the son of God. She is going exactly that same path as the Catholic Church. 

We see that the Catholic Church refers to Mary as the Holy Mother Mary, and considers her to be God’s substantial body on the earth. Also, the Catholic Church determines the popes by election – the same way; that is the rule of law – not the rule of lineage. 

The Family Federation is becoming just like that, an organization that will continue on, not by lineage, but by law. They say that there is no need for the Messiah to come and establish God’s lineage on earth – that it is only the law, that will govern. 

She is putting forward her daughters who also have no seed, and is pretending to carry on the providence. Unfortunately, ignorant, innocent members are receiving the holy wine which is devoid of any seed, and are fooled into thinking that they have been given rebirth through that “holy” wine. She has turned the members into false faithful who recite the destroyed family pledge. They think they are faithful, but they are not. 

The Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, in the absence of the three generation Kingships, is no longer the palace of God. The true palace is the place where the three generations of Kings are present. So where are the three generations of Kings? They are in the Unification Sanctuary, and now they have entered into the Cheon Il Goong Palace. Through the Cheon Il Goong Palace,they have restored the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace. Hyung Jin Nim declared at an early stage that the Unification Sanctuary is where you find God’s seed, God’s lineage, and it is where you find God’s Kingship. This is also the place where you find the restored Cain and Abel. The restored Cain, Kook Jin Nim, bowed down before his brother Hyung Jin Nim as the Abel. This was a wonderful sight to see – this restoration! 

This is also a clear demonstration to us that Father’s Holy Spirit is with the three generation Kings. Also, they made Trump become the president of the United States. True Father’s Holy Spirit has now begun to give judgment to this world. 

God has been shedding tears of sorrow for 6,000 years, but today He is shedding tears of joy. Even though True Father was kicked out of the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, he has now entered into the Cheon Il Goong Palace. Can you see God’s tears of joy? For so long God’s heart was broken and He was shedding tears of terrible sorrow, but now He is dancing with joy, and He is shedding tears – only of joy. 

So, shouldn’t we also establish the three generation Kingships as the axis in our lives, the center of our lives and also join God in shedding tears of joy and tears of gratitude? 

Og Mansei to the three generation Kingships! Og Mansei to the three generation Kingships! Og Mansei to the three generation Kingships! And may this Kingship last forever and ever! 

Thank you very much.