Touched by the King of Kings

The following testimony was received in January 2017 and it has been asked to be published by the author who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Please call me Mira. I’m 62 years old. I would like to share with you an experience I had two months ago that literally saved my life and changed my entire perspective on what life means. 

I had a serious accident in November. Before the operation the doctors gave me a 50/50 chance of surviving. After two days, a team of surgeons decided to do an incision of my heart valve and perform an operation on fractured bones in my left arm and foot.

The last memory I had in the operating room was the doctor performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on me when my heart stopped beating. Later on, I was told that the doctors tried to perform CPR for almost 30 minutes before giving up on me and declaring me dead. Then, miraculously, a few minutes later I came back to life.

Please allow me to share my experience during the time I was being resuscitated. In that period of time, it was as if I were in a state of a “lucid dreaming.” 

I knew I was dying, so I went to visit my family in the Philippines, and other parts of the world to hug them, especially my mother and to say my goodbye for the last time. I felt like I was being driven by the wind and ended up in a place that seemed like heaven. People there wore robes of white and some with pink. Everyone there was happy, enjoying their everlasting life, both young and old. There was a clear stream of water flowing from the top of the mountain and I could smell a scent of a fresh forest. The air exuded everlasting life. It was a very beautiful place, serene and vast. 

Then, I saw a person who had small eyes and who was wearing white robes. He showed me events in my life, like in a movie. On my left was evil and on my right was goodness. I was judged based on the value of goodness I had done to others. All of a sudden I saw my father crying while talking to the person with the small eyes wearing the white robes. He told me that, “No one has come to his position other than through Him.” Then my father welcomed me and called for his grandchildren. (By the way, my father has been in the spirit world for almost twenty years.) 

The person who had the small eyes was holding my father with his right hand; and with his left my son and nephews who had already passed away. He told me that “He is the ‘Way, the truth and the life’ and the Messiah.” In my heart, I accepted him as my Savior and told him, “Yes, I accept and will follow you.” He said, “Thank you for accepting me.” Then he poured the water of life on my head and said, “You are blessed and I will guide you – go back before it is too late.” He took me to the gate of heaven. 

Then I found myself in the hospital operating room, having regained consciousness. The nurses felt a strong wind in the room. Then my hands began to move. The medical staff told me that it is a miracle that I survived. One told me that "God has something in store for me to do." 

After I regained consciousness, having come back from the dead, so to speak, I had a series of recurring dreams with a similar theme. In my dreams, I always see the same person I saw when I lost consciousness in the hospital – the person with the small eyes wearing white robes. His face is always the same but I didn’t know this person, nor have I met him in person. I was confused why I kept dreaming of him. In my mind, this person is the one who gave me my second life – for he was the one who poured holy water on my head right before I regained consciousness in the operating room. 

In my first dream the man with the small eyes was on top of a mountain along with another man who was baldheaded. The man with the small eyes was pointing his left hand towards the baldheaded man. The man with the small eyes was using his right hand to get my attention and giving a signal, which I interpreted as “follow the baldheaded man.” He appeared several times, saying that I should follow the baldheaded man. Another dream was about a big wedding, where the baldheaded man was holding my hand and praying together with people of different nationalities and the man with the small eyes was standing next to him. 

Then, I was so confused and shared this dream with my sister who currently lives in the USA. She listened to my story and later showed me pictures of the person with the small eyes and also of the baldheaded person. I was astounded to see why she had those exact same images as in my dream. Only then did I realize, after my sister told me, that the person with the small eyes I saw in my dream was in fact, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of Unification Church who went to the next life on September 3, 2012. He is considered the Second Coming of the Messiah by the Unification Church. The baldheaded person is the youngest son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Hyung Jin Moon. He is the heir and representative of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who gave me a second life. Therefore, I have accepted Rev. Sun Myung Moon as my Messiah and Savior and Hyung Jin Nim as his heir and successor. 

This man with the small eyes (Rev. Sun Myung Moon) is whom I saw in my dreams and gave me a second life and the baldheaded man (Hyung Jin Moon) is the one that I will need to follow.

I am therefore testifying that REV. SUN MYUNG MOON is the Lord of the Second Advent and Jesus is working with Him. Together they are supporting Hyung Jin Nim. 

I have been born again in spirit and have been given a promise of eternal life because I accepted the Messiah. 

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”
John 3:16