True Father Prepared Hyung Jin Nim as his Successor

This article will present the evidence that I can clearly see which shows that True Father trained and prepared Hyung Jin Nim as his heir and successor.

Just as Jesus knew that Peter would deny him three times before the rooster crowed, True Father could foresee that Hyun Jin (Preston) and then later Hak Ja Han were going to betray him.

True Father knew all his life by the Principle of Creation that he had to establish God’s lineage on the earth in order to build the Kingdom of God.

He spoke extensively about “love, life, and lineage.” Therefore he knew that he had to have a lineage and thus a successor to carry on after he passed to the Spirit World.

After the many failures of a long line of John the Baptist figures, True Father must have realized that God’s Kingdom was not going to be established during his physical lifetime.

The Divine Principle explains that on the third attempt at a providential victory there is the condition for an extension through three generations. An example is that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are considered to be one in God’s Providence.

True Father needed to find his successor from among his sons. That son must necessarily be totally united with him. And further, True Father needed a Third Generation male from that son’s lineage.

True Father was surely watching all his sons very carefully. He gave some provisional anointing to Hyun Jin (Preston) using the title of Fourth Adam, but it was not the official succession. Later he anointed three brothers to different areas/responsibilities of the world church (Hyun Jin - America, Kook Jin - Japan, and Hyung Jin - Korea). He was watching to see who he could count on.

Around the end of the 1990’s or early 2000’s, True Father realized that Hyun Jin was going his own way and would not follow True Father’s directions. (see his words to Mr. Kamiyama) The break became totally public in 2009 with separation, dueling over church assets, and lawsuits being filed. Therefore, Father’s focus turned exclusively to Hyung Jin Nim who was already serving as the International President and by now the publicly announced and anointed heir and successor by three crowning ceremonies.

Here are some examples of how True Father was raising up Hyung Jin Nim and training him to lead the Providence.

10,000 hours of Martial Arts training and meditation

From his teenage years Hyung Jin began investing all his spare time in Martial Arts. That training must have cost thousands of dollars. Surely, True Father was behind that support financially.

Hyung Jin eventually gained a Black Belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, the most difficult and lethal Martial Art. This is extremely difficult, requiring tremendous discipline both physically and mentally. Thousands of times he was humbled in battle. Most people quit long before advancing. Think about what it took to achieve that Black Belt. True Father knew that a true warrior like himself would be necessary to carry on the Providence.

He needed to have strict mental control as well. I remember when Hyung Jin was teaching classes at UTS on how to meditate. Controlling your mind is very difficult. He was deeply trained. It is an insult to ever say he was immature or not in control of his emotions after such accomplishments.

Harvard Divinity School

Hyung Jin Nim went to study at Harvard Divinity School. I don’t think he was on scholarship, so therefore True Father must have supported him financially.

Being immersed in such a liberal/communist environment was not easy. He had to be spiritually strong.

Hyung Jin became like a Buddhist monk and many members mocked him. But True Father totally supported and encouraged him to search for the ultimate truth. Hyung Jin Nim also deeply studied Christianity and its history.

Eventually Hyung Jin Nim realized that True Father was the Lord of the Second Advent and his personal Savior. He traveled many places giving a speech on his conversion experience which he called “The Seven Deaths and Resurrections.” I attended one in Washington, DC.

Blessed Family Department

True Father placed Hyung Jin Nim as the spiritual authority on all matters in the Blessed Family Dept. When my wife and I headed the American BFD, 2005 to 2009, Hyung Jin was the person who answered the most difficult issues.

This must have helped him deeply understand the value of the Change of Blood Lineage brought by the Messiah. He has testified that Absolute Sex is the core of True Father’s teachings.

Many Blessed Families suffered serious breakdowns which were brought to him for solutions. He, therefore, has been exposed to all the worst sins of our membership.

He learned the values and practices that make a good family and he has preached on them many times.

To this day, Hyung Jin Nim insists on the Change of Blood Lineage ceremonies as the only course to become a Blessed Couple whereas Family Fed does not even teach that the Fall was sexual.

He is the one absolutely true to True Father’s teachings and directions.

Years of Leadership Experience Directly Under True Father

On April 16, 2008, True Father appointed Hyung Jin Nim to be the head of both the International Church and the Korean Church. He gained experience in administration and leadership for more than four years before True Father passed.

He pastored a small church and then the Seoul Headquarters church. He visited Japan to lead the churches there. All this experience and training was much more than most other leaders ever received. He spent countless hours directly with True Father during this time. No one in history has spent so many hours with True Father.

True Father designated Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim as the officiators for Blessing Ceremonies in his place, something that no one else had ever done.

Hyung Jin Nim represented Father at countless major political, media, business, and religious events. In this role, the leaders of all aspects of Korean society came to recognize him as the successor to True Father and the leader of the worldwide Unification Movement. World leaders from all aspects of society at our events recognized him as True Father’s successor.

November 18, 2009, Hyung Jin Nim was inaugurated as the International Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). This led to many political experiences as True Father’s representative to national and international leaders.

He was Father’s delegate to North Korea.

Crowned Three Times by True Father with his own Crown

True Father held three Coronation Ceremonies where he placed his own crown on Hyung Jin Nim’s head as his heir and successor and had Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim wear the royal robes of True Parents.

The first ceremony was on January 15, 2009. The last two coronation ceremonies were held on January 31, 2009. The second was in Korea, then he flew to New York and performed the third one within the same day in front of worldwide delegations from many nations.

Hyung Jin Nim’s devotion to True Father was demonstrated over and over again.

June 4, 2010. "My direct representative of the Royal Heavenly Kingship, (Hyung Jin Nim) with his wife has paid the price for all of the Unification Church leaders and membership by doing 21,000 bows and 8 days fasting." True Father’s words, Declaration Clarification.

It was widely reported in the Korean media that True Father had anointed Hyung Jin Nim as his successor.

The Third King

True Father anointed Shin Joon Nim, the third son of Hyung Jin Nim, as the next successor after him. This was fulfilling the three generations for the accomplishment of God’s will at the Second Coming similar to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

It clarified the line of authority among True Father’s descendants so there could be no argument in the future about True Father’s wishes.

True Father spent hours with Shin Joon Nim, building a relationship with him that would be useful in the future when True Father was in the spirit world.

In Jin’s Adultery

Immediately prior to True Father’s Seung Hwa, In Jin returned to America after it was revealed that she had borne a child out of wedlock.

Hyung Jin Nim was sent to America to replace her. He decided to meet all members on a tour of major American cities and mostly just listened and answered questions. Those meetings lasted many hours, often 5 hours, and even up to 7 hours. American members needed to vent their feelings after being betrayed.

I don’t know if he could digest all the “spiritual vomit” that was thrown his way but he did one hell of a job in my opinion.

Later he began teaching weekly on Absolute Sex. Hak Ja Han hated it and ordered him to stop.


By the time True Father passed into the Spirit World, Hyung Jin Nim had years of experience and training directly under True Father. He had been raised up by Father and was ready to assume his role as the Heir and Successor. True Father had done all he could to lay the foundation for his transition to the next life.

However, Hyung Jin NIM was prevented from leading the movement by Hak Ja Han and the cult of leaders assembled around her who were more interested in money and power than True Father’s will.

All of this was over 10 years ago. Hyung Jin Nim has been through a lot more since then. He has continued to grow and prosper and become much more competent and accomplished in his role and position as True Father’s Heir and Successor.

He still constantly receives True Father’s training and guidance from the Spirit World.

He testifies to True Father all the time. For those of us privileged to be in Sanctuary Church, we constantly recognize that True Father is with us and working through the “Second King of CIG.”

God’s Providence to save the world and build His Kingdom is not over.

True Father is alive.

There is a Central Figure on the earth who was anointed by True Father.

It’s Hyung Jin Moon. It’s not Hak Ja Han who is even now trying to change the Divine Principle.

If you still love True Father, then you should sincerely pray and ask him who he wants you to unite with.