Video Interview with Yeonah Nim

This is Part One of a two part interview with Yeonah Nim regarding Hyung Jin Nim's and her experiences in the True Family with a focus on the past seven years.

“What I saw [in] Father, was not in terms of worldly accomplishments. But I really saw a man who really sees every single person he meets with God's eyes and he listens with God's ears, and that was really inspiring for me. I never imagined, [that for] a man [person] it is possible to do that. And Father showed that example as a Christ that he trusts me and he trusts my husband, even though when we don't trust ourselves.

And he instilled the Godly expectation in us. And that changed us. That's the real change. I really believe that we began to willingly bow down to Father. It's real willingly. It is not somebody forcing you to be obedient, but it's real. Father is a real deal -- he is the real Messiah -- that's why we bow down to him. Because the love he shows is so great, that we can only say that "Wow, you really won my heart, as a Messiah, and I can really follow you." And he really exhibited truly God's love.”

Excerpt from the Interview with Yeonah Nim Moon