Why Did Cain and Abel Have to Unite?

This is what I posited to a young friend (over the weekend).

I got a bunch of answers – something about having to restore things that were broken before; something about being able to get rid of fallen nature, etc. Technically not incorrect, but I was looking for a much more concentrated focus.

We ended up talking for a few hours about the Principle. The Principle illuminates how the universe works, in both the original scenario (Purpose of Creation) and the fix-things-up scenario (Purpose of Restoration).

Part of the current situation the Unification family faces results from confusion about the Principle.

In case you are interested, my talking points went something like this:

  1. Why do Cain and Abel have to unite?
  2. What is the purpose of mother-son cooperation?
  3. What happened to Adam? Why couldn’t God relate to Adam as he was? (This is where it starts – restoration).
  4. Who bears (or bore) the primary responsibility of the Fall?
  5. What was Adam’s purpose from God’s viewpoint? (This is where it starts – creation).

A. Adam was created as God’s substantial body in the physical world. Adam was male because God’s character is essentially male.

B. Eve was created as Adam’s wife. That is, as God’s wife in the physical world. Eve was female because the character of the creation is essentially female.

C. Together, Adam and Eve were to be the embodiment of the unity and oneness of God and his Creation.

D. Who bore the primary responsibility for the fall? Even though Eve committed the primary sin, Adam was primarily responsible to God. Adam was the one – the position – the person, where the old adage applies: the buck stops here. When Adam blamed Eve, he left that position.

E. Because of the fall, Adam was now a contradictory being, with both evil nature and good nature, and with two masters (subjects). From the viewpoint of nature, God cannot deal with Adam because Adam is a false being (of both good and evil). From the viewpoint of relationship, God cannot deal with Adam because he now has two masters (God and Satan).

Yet, Adam still existed. This forced God into a ‘situation.’ How do you relate to a being that in reality cannot exist? God has to ‘pretend.’ God had to deal with Adam, with Eve, with humanity ‘as if they had not fallen.’ This is the origin of the Principle of Restoration.

F. In order to deal with Adam, who was a divided – contradictory – being, God had to separate Adam into two parts, the good part and the evil part. Is this possible in reality? No. Therefore, God had to deal with Adam ‘as if it was possible’ to do this.

G. The good part of Adam ‘became’ Abel, and the evil part of Adam ‘became’ Cain – symbolically. That is, ‘as if it were real.’ This is why Cain and Abel have to unite, centering on goodness.

H. The primary point is not the unity, but the center.

I. Cain seeks to make Abel unite using force – power. Cain says, “You must follow me!” and forces Abel to submit, killing him even to do so. This is a movement even further along the path of evil.

Abel, however, must use a different approach. Abel must convince Cain to follow him – natural subjugation.To accomplish this, Cain must say to Abel, “I will follow you.”

J. There are two scenarios for unity – one evil and one good.Scenario #1. Cain: “You must follow me!” (Force).Scenario #2. Cain: “I will follow you!” (Of my own free will).Two scenarios for unity – one centering on evil, one centering on good.

K. What then is the role of the mother? Why is mother-son cooperation so important in history?

The purpose and goal of mother-son cooperation is – and this is a pivotal point – to bring unity between Abel and Cain so that Adam can have a foundation to stand. Let me state that differently: The purpose of mother-son unity in the history of restoration is to have the two sons unite together, centering on goodness, so that the father (Adam) has a place to stand before God free of accusation; so that Adam is not divided, but whole; so that Adam has a foundation to even exist.

L. This is the purpose of the foundation for the Messiah. Cain and Abel unity needs to happen so that the Messiah, who is Christ, who is Adam, has a place to stand. The purpose of mother-son unity in providential history is to build the foundation for Adam to stand.

Why does Adam need a foundation to stand on? In order to be able to stand as God’s object and body. To establish that the results of the fall are overcome, erased and finished. The fall meant that Adam was lost, divided, corrupted and unacceptable as God’s object. Having ‘a foundation to stand’ means that Adam is recovered, united, restored pure, and qualified to be God’s object and body – as if the fall was erased.

M. But why? Why does Adam need to stand? Because God’s purpose is to live through Adam, establish a family, clan, society, and nation. Is that all? No. These all exist only in the present. In order for Adam’s family, clan, society and nation to continue forever, in the physical world, there must be his lineage. Lineage means continuation through time. This is the role of father-son unity.

N. The whole purpose of mother-son cooperation in the providence of God is to establish father-son cooperation and unity, because that is the foundation for ‘eternity’ – continuity in the physical world.

O. When Cain and Abel are united, the purpose of mother-son cooperation has been completed. When Cain and Abel are united, they must then unite with Adam, and carry out Adam’s will.



Does God need Creation, and does Adam need Eve? No, and Yes.

No: God does not need the Creation in order to be God. Adam does not need Eve in order to be Adam.

Yes: God needs creation in order to accomplish the ideal of love – the purpose of creation. Adam needs Eve in order to accomplish the ideal of a family, and the purpose of lineage.

Jesus was Adam without an Eve. He did not need an Eve to be Adam, but he needed an Eve in order to establish a family and lineage.

Some Unificationists are confused. They think that Father needs Mother in order to be Father. They make the mistake of confusing the priority of #1 Father being Father and #2 Father establishing a linage. They want to say, if Mother leaves Father, it means Father is not Father. They want to say, if Mother leaves Father, it means Father himself is not a True Adam, not a True Parent.

But this is the same as saying: If Creation leaves God, God is no longer God.

This is Lucifer’s primary accusation to God: “The Fall happened, and I came to control Creation. Therefore, you are not qualified to be God, because Creation left you.”

Unificationists everywhere need to realize that Father is Christ, that Father needed Mother to establish his lineage – his family. At least externally, this was accomplished. But Father does not need Mother to qualify as Adam.

Unificationists everywhere also need to realize that the entire goal that completes the purpose of the Creation is to establish permanent father-son unity. This is the axis on which God’s universe revolves.

What was the purpose of mother-son cooperation? To accomplish Cain–Abel unity and complete restoration.

Why did Cain and Abel have to unite? In order to establish Adam’s foundation and establish father-son cooperation.

Cain, Abel, Eve, Adam. Each one has his/her role.

Is this not the Principle?