At-Home Blessing

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At-Home Blessing

To conduct your ceremony at your home using the Holy Wine from the Blessing Kit, please follow the steps below.

  1. Watch The Covenant of Blessing guidance (video #1) first.
  2. Next, drink the Holy Wine at the end of the video #1 when Holy Wine is served to the couples.
    (1) The wife should stand on the left and the husband on the right. The children should stand next to the husband in order of birth.
    (2) Couples should drink from one cup and the oldest child should receive one cup on behalf of all the children.
    (3) The husband and wife should greet each other and the wife should drink half of the holy wine and the husband should then drink the rest.
    (4) The children should drink an appropriate amount from a single cup in order of birth.
    (5) In the case where a spouse has already passed or in the case of individuals who had received the spiritual and physical world blessing or in the case of widowed blessed couples, the person present should drink one-half of the cup of holy wine and then drink the rest of the holy wine as if he or she had given the cup to or received it from his or her spouse.
  3. Next watch the April 21, 2015 Blessing Ceremony (video #2). 

The Blessing Kit

  • Bottles of Holy Wine, Holy Water, and Holy Salt
  • Two Holy Handkerchiefs
  • Two Ceremonial Scarves
  • Photograph of True Father (with signatures)
  • Holy Candle (starter size)
  • Holy Matches in a White Box
  • Wine Cup for Holy Wine
  • Printed Blessing Vows Card and Family Pledge
  • White Gift Box as the shipping box

Video #1 - Covenant of the Blessing

Covenant of the Blessing. April 21, 2015

The Covenant of the Blessing - April 21, 2015 - Rev. Hyung Jin Moon - Sanctuary Church Newfoundland PA from Unification Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Video #2 - The Blessing Ceremony 4/21/15

Blessing Ceremony for Returning to True Father’s Authority.

April 21, 2015 - Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony for Returning to True Father's Authority - Sanctuary Church Newfoundland PA from Unification Sanctuary on Vimeo.