Liberation Declaration of Victims of Sex Trafficking

Hyung Jin Moon, 2nd King of Cheon Il Guk

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Cheon-gi 14, HC 5.1 (June 18, 2023)

At the beginning of human history, God intended to see the world of His original ideal of creation established in the Garden of Eden with freedom, peace, unity, and happiness. In this world, the archangels, despite their far superior power, were to serve the children of God. Tragically, though, Eve committed adultery with the Archangel Lucifer, and Adam failed to keep God's commandment not to engage in sexual relations with Eve until blessed to her in marriage by God.

 As a result of the human fall, Satan came to dominate humanity in a world where centralized archangelic powers, whether governmental, religious, or financial, use artificial methods to rule over mankind, sometimes taking freedoms gradually and sometimes eliminating them by brute force. Today, we seek to establish God's Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where the artificial structures of power, representing Satan, shall never again rule over humanity.To this end, the Tribal Messiahships must come together as one with the help of all ancestors in the spirit world.

During the ancestor liberation ceremony performed last year, I exercised my authority as the representative and heir of the returning Jesus,True Parent Sun Myung Moon, to liberate the spirits of all the babies in history who had died in the womb. Less than forty days later, the United StatesSupreme Court overturned a previous ruling that had allowed the murders of tens of millions of such babies over almost 50 years throughout the United States.Americans are now fighting to save these children in the womb in state capitols nationwide. Righteous people in other countries are also working in their countries to correct satanic abortions. We praise God for these encouraging developments.  

The Bible tells us how the evil of Satan desires to see the innocent and most sinless among a civilization killed as sacrificial offerings to himself. A society that fails to protect the life and rights of its weakest and most sinless of its citizens will degenerate into death and destruction. A child in a womb is a human being with an eternal soul with the most precious opportunity to experience life. A nation that does not protect the sanctity of life for its most vulnerable and innocent, a baby in a womb, stands under God's righteous, Holy anger and judgment.

The fight against abortion continues, and this year we add to the battle by liberating the souls of people who lost their lives in sex trafficking and pedophilia related to crimes. 

Sex trafficking is a modern form of slavery. By its nature, reliable statistics are hard to find. The documentary film “Contraland” put out by Vets For Child Rescue gives some of the best information available.According to this information, some 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect, some as young as six years old. 

Pedophilia is perhaps the most pernicious form of sex trafficking. Over 71 percent of trafficked children show suicidal tendencies. 

Just recently, a 17-year-old boy in the United States took his own life after being threatened into sending predators compromising photos of himself and then being unable to pay the $1,000 the predators demanded in exchange for not exposing him. 

Shame is only one of the means for sex traffickers to control their victims. Others include starvation, rape, gang rape, physical abuse, beating, confinement, forced drug use, and shame. 

Each pedophile predator harms and average of 70 children, and they tend never to stop. 

Trafficking victims face physical risks such as drug and alcohol addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, sterility, miscarriages, forced abortions, vaginal and anal trauma.

Vets for Child Rescue is one of many organizations focused on the mission to bring the predators to justice and to help victims rebuild their shattered lives. 

Therefore, I, Hyung Jin Moon, the Crowned Successor and Representative Body of the Cosmic True Parents of Heaven and Earth and fullInheritor of the Kingship of God as the direct chosen Blood Lineage of TrueFather, with all the authority endowed in me by True Father--the Messiah, Lord at the Second Advent and King of Kings, hereby declare the liberation of 210 generations of all the ancestral lines in the spirit world represented here with all their faithful descendants. Further, with the authority endowed in me by TrueFather I declare the liberation of all people who lost their lives in sex trafficking and pedophilia related crimes to be separated from Satan’s claim, and to be liberated to leave the fog-like spirit world of limbo under incessant accusation, ownership and torment by the Satanic hosts.  These most innocent human spirits are now freed from their unacknowledged place of being forgotten souls, to those who are remembered and named to enter into the presence of the King of Kings in Heaven and to never again be under the dominion and slavery of Satan and his hosts. 

These ancestors and the millions of forgotten spirits will unite with God in the spirit world and the Kingship of God in the physical world to bring about the purging of Satan’s authority over this world and to bring about the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.”  

Satan attacks most ferociously when he is at the brink of defeat.  Whatever his attack, the world and the entire cosmic realm stand at this “end of days,” to witness and endure the “last persecution of the righteous” and to finally witness the actual coming of the Kingdom of God on earth.  

There is no salvation apart from Christ and today there is celebration in the spirit world as 210 generations of ancestors together with the liberated victims of sex trafficking crimes return to our True Father inHeaven who is also in our midst at this exact moment in time.  The liberated spirits stand as a spiritual army of God to work with God’s people, to glorify the King of Kings and to prepare the way for His Kingdom of Freedom and Responsibility, The Kingdom of God, Cheon-Il Guk, that is quickly coming to this world! AJU AJU AJU!

Statements by Sun Myung Moon on AncestorLiberation and the Spirit World

SMM, Cheon Seong Gyeong 913

The spirit world is in your hands; your relatives are in your hands – not only your relatives, but even your country is in your hands; even the task of setting the right tradition for your descendants is in your hands.You should always keep this in mind. Whether you, as a single person, accomplish or not, you will determine whether your ancestors and relatives will be liberated, and whether your descendants can be the chosen people of liberation. (66-76, 1973.3.17)   You should always be thinking that you are representing three ages. For this reason, you have to realize that the spirit world is in your hands and that your ancestors are at your mercy. If we gather the past, present and future together, and put physical and spiritual realms together, and lead them, they will come running to you. We should accomplish that mission. (66-76, 1973.3.17)

The world is now changing rapidly. Many evil people are dying in accidents. Suddenly they are dead. Now there is no indemnity. An age has come where decisions and punishments are instantly rendered. You have to straighten out your act. Who is doing this? The devil is not bringing our indemnity. Your own ancestors are dealing with it. The standard of the Blessing I have now given you is equal for you all. If you fall away from this standard.... When you go to the spirit world the standard should not be lost. Since you have to stand in a certain spiritual position, you should be taken to the spirit world in order to prevent your losing that standard. Such an age will come. Your ancestors will give you both the illness and the medicine. (301-164, 1999.4.25)

You should receive your ancestors’ cooperation with a fervent heart greater than heaven and earth. Everything goes in this way. Three generations are included. Your ancestors are the first generation, you are the second generation and your children are the third generation. You have to bind them together with a fervent heart so that your descendants, the third generation, on earth, who are born anew, can even reach to your parents and ancestors in heaven. (302-39, 1999.5.18) 

Your ancestors in the spirit world would look down and want to come with the desire to assist their descendants of whom they are proud. That is why many of your ancestors come down to you. This is the realm of religion based on the tribes that transcends denominations. Do you understand? Your ancestors want to follow you while placing their trust and love in you. That is why they want to devote themselves in assisting you. (189-278, 1989.5.1) 

Even your ancestors are given salvation through you. For that reason, they wish to actively support you. Therefore, in your local area, work hard without rest. (179-25, 1986.6.15) One iron rule that you must know is that you have to do more than any loyal servant, patriot, filial child or church minister has done, who lived in your area. If you make greater efforts than they did, they will all support you. That is the condition. If you do that, you will be standing in the place which is above the realm that Satan can accuse. Therefore, Satan will not oppose you and, with the support of the spirit world, your ancestors will appear to your family and relatives and spiritually push them to join the Unification Church. What happens is that your grandfather comes to assist you and goes witnessing for you. (179-17,1986.6.15) 

SMM, Cheon Seong Gyeong 973

Now we are entering the age of the nation. You should adjust your focus for this purpose. I am now giving liberation Blessings to the spirit world. There will be Blessings for up to 120 [later to 210 generation]generations of ancestors. In the past it was four generations. How close would four generations be in terms of kin? It would include relatives up to those eight times removed. When this is taken to seven generations it would include even more. It would be hundreds, even thousands of ancestral families for a family with many children. There will be Blessings for four generations and then for seven generations. When seven generations are blessed, it goes beyond family relatives. (299-307, 1999.2.21)

Have you all attended the ancestor liberation ceremony? You have to liberate the first seven generations. Only after liberating seven can you continue and go on to fulfill 120 generations’ liberation [then to 210generations]. Focusing on those ancestors, everything can be sorted out and 120generations can be blessed together. Through this, everyone can be blessed.Then, would the walls of hell be broken down or not? Paradise, where Jesus dwells, and the middle realm of spirit world, were created because of the Fall.Even the spirit world is built upon relationships in accordance with the pair system. Without doing these things I will be in a difficult situation when I go there. I must not allow that to happen. When the spirit world is put in order, the situation on earth can be resolved very quickly. (301- 205, 1999.4.26)