ACLA Launches Latest Study Guide - The Mission Of The Messiah

The ACLA team has been working hard on the latest in the DP study Guides for outreach. There is a tiered pricing for volume purchases. They are going fast.

Purchase all 3 for $12.00 with the ACLA discount code:  DP1000


An alliance of diverse clergy and community leaders who are committed to bringing God-centered True Love Ethics into our families, communities and nation, in order to bring peace to our world.


To exalt God our Creator by establishing God-centered families working in unity to fulfill God’s Will and Purpose.


In collaboration with biblical faith leaders and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we provide a spiritual foundation through True Love to change hearts. In these turbulent times, we will work with a sense of urgency to bring hope to our families and nation and peace to our world.

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