The Tragic Betrayal of Hak Ja Han

Melik Patchadjian

All of my church life, I always believed that True Mother was one with True Father. Even when I was living in the New Yorker Hotel for several years in the mid 1980’s, a brother whom I knew and had a close relationship with was doing security for True Parents told me one night that he couldn’t believe the screaming that was going on between them as he was standing outside their door. I was quite surprised and never gave it much thought afterwards thoughI can never forget that it happened. I guessed it was probably normal sinceFather had once said to never argue or fight in front of your children, but that they had some issues they were not in agreement with.

So when Hyung Jin Nim moved to Pennsylvania not too far from where I live, Ihad no idea what was going on in the True Family though it seemed there was some kind of strained relationship between him and True Mother and the Korean leaders who were coming to talk with him at his home trying to influence him in some way. At that time, I had started going to his home forSunday Service and Jesse Edwards was giving the sermon and after wards Hyung Jin Nim would speak. But it wasn’t until after Sanctuary Church was established and when Hyung Jin Nim broke the silence that really shook me.

Was Hak Ja Han really one with True Father as she claimed? I had to immerse myself into what she was saying compared to what Father had said to understand only to find that she not only was not following and obeying TrueFather’s direction and changing things against his will but she had also introduced a new theological teaching of how the position of True Mother is established which nullifies what Father has taught. I have revealed, as clear it was possible, in this book the contradictions and changes which came about.