November 19, 2017 Ceremony

Ceremony for the Liberation and Blessing of 210 Generations of Ancestors

In a moving ceremony at the Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, PA on November 19, 2017, Hyung Jin Moon, the 2nd King of Cheon Il Guk, declared the liberation and blessing of 210 Generations of ancestors of brothers and sisters under True Father’s authority from all over the world, as well as an estimated 270 million victims of Islam. In his “Declaration of Liberation” he explained as follows:

"Eventually by the 7th century the Church had become so immoral and corrupt that God allowed for the growth of Islam to be a hammer that would punish Christianity and force the corrupt elements out of the Church. Within 150 years of Mohamed’s death Islam had spread over all of Arabia, North Africa and by the 11th century Islam had conquered Spain, and were moving to take the Byzantine Christian Empire and Europe.

As Islam grew the culture of forced child marriage and selling, honor killings, crippling misogyny and sex slavery of the conquered, spread. These cultural extensions of the life of Islam’s prophet Mohamed, created a devastating wake of suffering and death upon Christians and non-Christians alike.

Scholars estimate that over 150 million Africans were exploited as slaves and another 50 million people from other countries including “white Europe” were exploited and died under the slave trade of Islam. Two thirds of these slaves were women, or nearly 132 million women were sold into slavery for sexual exploitation. 

These exploited lives are forgotten in the pages of history and in the modern day Satan has used political Satanism and correctness to cover up the millions of innocent men, women and children who were brutally exploited under Islamic conquest and civilization. 

God grieves in seeing this type of suffering and today the souls of those who have suffered and died in such a soul crippling manner will be liberated to enter into the higher realms of the spirit world where they can be remembered and recognized as being the innocent victims of such a brutal Islamic slave trade."

Download "March 26, 2017 Ancestor Liberation Speech by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon." here.

In accordance with instructions given by True Father to initiate the process of bringing salvation to departed souls, Ancestor Liberation and Blessing is held twice each year. Those who have placed themselves under True Father's authority may request that Hyung Jin Nim, the second King of Cheon Il Guk, liberate and bless their ancestors up to the 210th generation. 

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon has explained that all liberations conducted while True Father (Rev. Sun Myung Moon) was alive are considered valid and that those conducted by FFWPU after his father's passing after September 3, 2012 were invalid. Any second generation or first generation individuals that have partaken of the desecrated holy wine of FFWPU after September 3, 2012 need to receive holy wine under True Father's authority and place themselves under True Father's authority to liberate ancestors. 

For more details please see the page on Ancestors Liberation. 

Click here to download a form for requesting Liberation and Blessing of Ancestors. Please scan this filled form and email to or send in by mail.