October 30, 2016 Ceremony

Ceremony for the Liberation and Blessing of 210 Generations of Ancestors

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon conducted a ceremony for the Liberation and Blessing of 210 generations of ancestors on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 10 am, at the Unification Sanctuary, Newfoundland, PA.


Rev. Sun Myung Moon has stated that spiritual and physical life begin at the moment of conception. Several years ago Rev. Hyung Jin Moon asked Father, “When does the spirit enter a baby?” Rev. Sun Myung Moon said that the spirit enters when the sperm unites with the egg at conception (this is the reverse of the Kwak teaching in the UC “Tradition” Book).

In a recently discovered video of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s spoken words during his later years, Rev. Moon spoke explicitly about the sinful nature of abortion. That video was shown during the ceremony on October 30, 2016 and can be viewed in the event video recording available on Sanctuary Vimeo channel. (See video from 1:06:24 to 1:08:52)

The October 30, 2016 ceremony included a special liberation for all children who died before birth as result of abortion or other circumstances. All unborn children throughout history were included in this liberation ceremony. No application or request was needed for the liberation of these children.

See the ceremony from October 30, 2016 on Vimeo by clicking here.
Download "Ancestor Liberation Speech by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon - Nov. 19, 2017." here.

In accordance with instructions given by True Father to initiate the process of bringing salvation to departed souls, Ancestor Liberation and Blessing is held twice each year. Those who have placed themselves under True Father's authority may request that Hyung Jin Nim, the second King of Cheon Il Guk, liberate and bless their ancestors up to the 210th generation. 

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon has explained that all liberations conducted while True Father (Rev. Sun Myung Moon) was alive are considered valid and that those conducted by FFWPU after his father's passing after September 3, 2012 were invalid. Any second generation or first generation individuals that have partaken of the desecrated holy wine of FFWPU after September 3, 2012 need to receive holy wine under True Father's authority and place themselves under True Father's authority to liberate ancestors. 

For more details please see the page on Ancestors Liberation. 

Click here to download a form for requesting Liberation and Blessing of Ancestors. Please scan this filled form and email to sanctuarychurch@sanctuary-pa.org or send in by mail.