Recurring Donations

Option 4

Check to Sanctuary

If you live in the US, please send a check to:
Sanctuary Church
 P.O. Box 557 
Newfoundland, PA 18445

Option 5

Bank Wire

Please Wire any Donations over $5,000

If you prefer to send money by bank wire, please contact the church at: 

Option 6

Money Transfer thru WISE

Works for over 80 countries

*Website: Account

Page 1. Click Send money
Page 2. Enter Amount to send
Click Continue
Page 3. ‘Who are you sending money to?’
Add details: World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, Inc.

Bank Details:
Click Confirm and continue

Page 4. Choose Payment method
Debit Card (Savings) or Credit card (Credit) are the easiest as Wise can save your details for next time.
Click Continue to payment
Page 5. Your transfer has started