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My Answer to Demian Dunkley

Dr. Richard Panzer

October 3, 2023

My Answer to Demian Dunkley

A SATANIC ACT that Destroys the Ideal of True Parents!

Rev. Young Hwi Kim

July 6, 2022

Defeat Kim Jin-chun, who destroys the “True Parents' Ideal”

Reading of Hak Ja Han 3/25-26/2019 Deposition

January 15, 2022

My Answer to Tyler Hendricks

Dr. Richard Panzer

February 2, 2016

Interview with Hyung Jin Nim - The Untold Story

January 28, 2016

Urgent Vision - Testimony

Mr. Tim Huish

December 5, 2015

Video Interview with Yeonah Nim

October 25, 2015

My Response to Andrew Wilson

Richard Panzer

October 14, 2015


Tim Elder

October 4, 2015